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Windows 7 machine unable to join domain. "The network path was not found."

Truly interesting and frustrating problem.

I took a computer off of the domain because the trust relationship between the computer and the domain was broken. After taking the computer off the domain, I now can't connect it back to the domain.

I did remove the computer's entry from AD.
I have set the DNS statically to point to the DC server which is also our DNS and DHCP server.

Not sure what else I can here...any ideas?
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Make sure that, after you put the machine to the workgroup, that your network settings hasn't change  to public. You'll need to fix your firewall settings and change your network adapter back to work/private/domain more than likely.
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My firewall has been turned off for troubleshooting purposes.
I can ping the domain controller using the domain name and I get a proper IP.
I can also get the login prompt, but I keep getting the error, "The network path was not found."
Remove ALL “Clients” / “Services” / “Protocols”
Reboot and re-add the above
Following their removal, rebooting & their re-addition, the system was able to join to domain as normal!
Using an elevated command prompt
netsh winsock reset
No dice to both. I have just re-tried these ( I did all of this before on Friday ) and neither worked.

I have tried a lot of things and have done general Google research, but everything suggested is not I'm looking for some new ideas here...
Use the following article to test connectivity to your AD..
Article Link

Some Antiviruses block AD connectivity remove AV and test again.

Try powering off the computer, and unplugging it.  also remove the Ethernet cable.

I've found in the past that sometimes "junk" gets left in the network card and simply powering off the computer doesn't clear it.

A cold boot is necessary.
I can ping my AD and access it...but I simply can't join the domain. Super frustrating.
I'm starting to think it might be the fact that my NETLOGON and TCP/IP NetBIOS services aren't starting...
@ScottCha, I did that on Friday. I completely moved the computer to another office to see if throwing it on a different VLAN quickly would help. No dice. Moved it back, tried again, no dice.
I'm starting to think it might be the fact that my NETLOGON and TCP/IP NetBIOS services aren't starting...

If the netlogon services on your DC isn't starting this would be the cause.

run dcdiag /c from command prompt on your DC and check for errors..

DC1 failed test NetLogons
DC1 failed test Replications
DC1 failed test Services
DC1 failed test VerifyEnterprisReferences
DC1 failed test DNS

Uh oh...
How would I go about resolving those...if they are causing issues with connecting to the domain?
Run the following command and attach the text file..

dcdiag /e /v /test:DNS /DnsAll /f:diagdns.txt

Here it is:
Make sure of the following on all of your DC's (DC1, DC2 and Muse)

IP connectivity to and from all the servers.
That the DNS IP address of your DC are configured as follows..
DNS 1: IP address of DC1
DNS 2: IP address of DC2
DNS 3:
DNS 4: IP address of Muse

DNS 1: IP address of DC2
DNS 2: IP address of Muse
DNS 3:
DNS 4: IP address of DC1

DNS 1: IP address of Muse
DNS 2: IP address of DC1
DNS 3:
DNS 4: IP address of DC2

Restart netlogon services on all 3 DNS servers wait 5 - 10min and test again..

Should this also be set on the WINS tab?
I set the DNS as requested, restart NETLOGON service on all 3 domains, it still fails the test.
I don't think this is a server issue ( at this point ) as I am able to join other computers to the domain, just not this particular windows 7 x32 machine. I just verified this on a couple other computers.
If dcdaig fails there are AD DC DNS issues..

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Glad you sorted out this issue?

Just a heads up you need to sort out your dns issues as this will cause issues.  

Yes, I do. I will probably open up a new question for that and tag you in it right away to get feedback.
I restored computer from previous restore point and that worked.