Desktop Icons get moved to different monitor after every upgrade

After an update all the icons on the desktop of my external monitor, #2, shifted to my laptop's screen, #1, and what was previously on #1 shifted to #2,

Since I got no solution the first time I posted this question, I closed the question and simply dragged all the icons back onto #2 and re-arranging them again.

I thought that was the end of it but after the most recent Win 10 update, I found myself in the very same situation.  Icons on #2 had been moved to #1 and the Icons on #1 were moved to #2; flipped 180 degrees.

So I'm posting the question again, in the hope that someone might, this time, come up with a workable solution, like a registry tweak or something and find a way from preventing it happening every time there is an upgrade.

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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Both of your screenshots show entries for "Windows has stopped working"; but, only the second one tells us it is a stop (blue screen) 0X0000009F and, on both, there is a subsequent "Shutown unexpectedly".
Almost all of the hits on the 9F stop indicate a problem with the power management of a digitizer; but, that really is a separate problem from your initial question.
First, stop turning things off or unplugging them!  Windows regularly redetects all of your hardware and if something critical disappears, you will get a bluescreen and reboot.  If you need to, disable the keyboard's ability to wake the PC; but, if there is a touch screen, you better do it, too!  You might do better to get a box you can set over the setup to prevent the cats from having access.
Second and, no matter what, once you set your icons where you want them or alter the start menu tiles, you must reboot if you want them to be remembered.  Their positions and layout are saved during the shutdown process and not doing so will cause them to go back to where they were, especially with unexpected shutdowns.
The Windows 10 updates from November, March, and July (you got the July one on August 14th) are so extensive that they should have been called service packs.  The November and July updates even created Windows.old backups which only happens during a major change.  If, during those updates, Windows thinks there was a change in any part of your display setup, all of the icons will revert to their default layout which is exactly what is happening to you.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
right click on your desktop, select view, uncheck auto arrange icons.
mikecox_Author Commented:
That was suggested by my Tech service, they actually did it, before I could stop them; while logged onto my machine.  All it did was re-arrange the icons in a grid pattern, much to my chagrin. It did not return them the #2  monitor and I had to re-arrange them again!

I don't really understand why that option would even be considered since that option doesn't move the icons, it only re-arranges them in place.

After posting this I put my machine to "sleep" and went to the gym. When I returned the #2 monitor was lit up, waiting for a password.  

Ordinarily, when I wake my machine the num block key is set to on and I can enter the numbers in my password, but after a reboot, the num lock key is set to off and the numbers don't work, and I have to reset it to on.  

That's how I know the machine rebooted after it was put in 'Sleep" mode, because the numbers don't work when I try to enter my password.  When I wake the machine, when the screen is off, I can enter my password without resetting the num lock key.  I'm guessing the num lock key is set to off by default and a re-boot returns it to its default state.

I have no idea why the machine reboots after it has been put to sleep, I imaged it had something to do with updates, but that just occurred, which was why the icons moved.  Could there be another update within 24 hours?  Am I right about that, will a machine reboot while in sleep mode if there is a pending update?

Here's the thing, this afternoon, after I reset num lock and entered my password the computer opened and I found my icons back where they belonged on the #2 monitor!  

This is odd because I tried re-booting to see if that would fix the problem the last time; before I posted the question the first time, and it didn't fix it.  

All this makes no logical sense to me!  Why is this happening, why does my computer re-boot while in sleep mode, why do the icons get loaded onto monitor #1 and why, this time, did the re-boot return them to where they belonged?

There must be a logical explanation!  I don't want to have to dread every update because I know it will move my icons to the wrong monitor, knowing there is no clear-cut method for returning them to where they belong.  

How can I force Win to keep my icons on the #2 monitor after an update?
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mikecox_Author Commented:
I just re-read your post and realized you actually said to Uncheck the Auto Arrange button.   But it has never been checked because I don't like Windows to organize my desktop icons.  The only option that I check is "show desktop icons".  My IT service checked the arrange in grid option
mikecox_Author Commented:
I just checked my update history and the last update was on 8/14, so this isn't about auto updates restarting my computer.
Last night I unplugged everything on my HUB, just in case my cat was walking on my tablet; I always turn my keyboard off at the keyboard so the cats won't wake my machine by walking on it.  But sometime during the night my #2 monitor lit up, waiting for a password and I had to reset the num lock to under my password, so I know the machine had rebooted.
mikecox_Author Commented:
See this screenshot Update History and Reliability reports don't match

Update history
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Windows defender definitions are not updates per se as they fall in a separate classification.
In the past I've used desktop icon saver
what has been useful to others are
Tested works with windows 10
mikecox_Author Commented:
I will check out these links and see if they will address the issue of icon relocation, but I think that problem.  But I wonder if the icon issue is related this issue.
Do these screenshots shed any light on why my machine is shutting down in the wee hours of the morning and why my icons display on the wrong monitor?

The represent the Reliability report and the "details in the error message"

Reliability reportReliability-Info-resules.jpg
mikecox_Author Commented:
Since my last post my machine has, twice, mysteriously shut down after being put into Sleep mode.  Last night, around 1a and again this afternoon.  I have attached another screenshot of the Reliability data which include a very long error code.

So far the icons on #2 monitor have remained in place after restarting the machine.

Reboot after put in Sleep mode
mikecox_Author Commented:

I dl'd the app but I can't figure out how to make it work and there is nothing in the Help menu that explains how to set it up or run it.  I did the following:

      1. I set Help/blind save and rebooted and checked File/Open and the "data" pop up was empty
      2. I tried Options/capture and got Error code 5
      3. I tried File/save and got "no icon info...
      4. There's a "desktopIconSaver" gear icon but it doesn't appear to do anything.
      5. I went to "uninstall" it and it wasn't on the list of  installed programs!  Actually, I didn't expect it to be since it's
             "not resident".
         6. I went to the website and all it does is explain the interface, there is nothing about how to make it work

I think this would have been a good backup for the issue I posted but it doesn't address the issue, which is why my icons sometimes get switched from my #2 monitor to my #1 monitor.

This has happened twice, and it happened during one of the mysterious shutdowns which I think is related to their being relocated and why I am trying to understand what is going on with these shutdowns.
mikecox_Author Commented:
From what you say I understand that it's ok to switch my keyboard off, so the cats can't walk on it and wake up my machine.  But that is the only thing I've been shutting off.  As for the touch screen, I close the lid on my laptop just enough so they can't walk on the keyboard.  I do this as a precaution because I've never seen them walk on my keyboard unless the do it after I go to bed.

But I will keep what you've said in mind and avoid shutting anything, except the keyboard, off in the future.  

I cut my teeth on DOS and nothing like this has ever happened before.  I just hope it has stopped for good.
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