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Desktop Icons get moved to different monitor after every upgrade

After an update all the icons on the desktop of my external monitor, #2, shifted to my laptop's screen, #1, and what was previously on #1 shifted to #2,

Since I got no solution the first time I posted this question, I closed the question and simply dragged all the icons back onto #2 and re-arranging them again.

I thought that was the end of it but after the most recent Win 10 update, I found myself in the very same situation.  Icons on #2 had been moved to #1 and the Icons on #1 were moved to #2; flipped 180 degrees.

So I'm posting the question again, in the hope that someone might, this time, come up with a workable solution, like a registry tweak or something and find a way from preventing it happening every time there is an upgrade.

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