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HP LaserJet scan to folder no longer functions after upgrade to Win10

After upgrading several systems in our office from Win7 to Win10 64-bit Pro our scan to network folder on HP LaserJet M3035 MFP no longer functions properly. I have completely uninstalled all unneccessary print drivers including the HP drivers and reinstalled the latest complete HP Universal PCL 6 driver for Win10 64-bit. I have recreated the scan folders to verify they are shared properly with the Win10 security settings. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest versions of Adobe and Java (thinking that might matter). I have changed the settings in Windows to not auto pick my printer and Adobe Reader as default. We have several scan to folders setup on this wireless network printer where users use the ADF to scan multiple documents at a time. I have 2 systems still running Win7 and there isn't any problem with using the scan to network folder for those devices. I down graded 1 system back to Win7 from Win10 and the scan to works again. However, for the rest of the Win10 users the function doesn't work when we have a logo on a document, which is often! In these cases the file size is either 0 or small and when trying to open the PDF document on the computer we receive an error message that the document is damaged and Adobe can't open it. If we put sticky notes over the logos and rescan the document(s) they will scan and open properly so it's not the number of pages. I haven't been able to find a setting on the HP LaserJet M3035 MFP we are using to over-ride the document size or memory. I have checked all default settings and compared the Win7 to the Win10 systems to see if anything changed, they are the same.  What other setting could be causing this error? I hate to downgrade all of our systems back to Windows 7 in order to get this very necessary function back.

Help Please!
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Windows 10 installation changes some of the networking rules.  One example is the requirement for a password.  So, yes, one needs to deal with all these things.  It rather sounds like you've done that but another look never hurts!

More specific advice depends on whether you've been using Guest or not.... just as one example.
I see no scanner drivers for W10.
HP has done this in the past and not developed scanner drivers for newer OS's.
I had this happen to me with Vista and W7 on still shipping MFP's from HP.

My best guess is that there are none for W10 and never will be.

It's HP,they want you to upgrade the hardware.

See if you can run it in W7 compatibility mode

Re: the comment by pgm554
I recently visited the HP site (which I need to do fairly often) and discovered that they are now taking down older downloads.  It struck me as the epitome of wanting to force the purchase of new hardware.  Otherwise, I see little reason for them to take down software - even user manuals....
I have long since quit selling HP as a consultant.
They are arrogant and have long since quit being competitive.
When I can source a color Brother MFP laser that is faster and cheaper to buy than any other competitive HP product ,with better support,then why bother with HP?

Their tech support is a disaster as are a lot of their drivers.

I had a HP color MFP ($1K) that when Vista shipped would not print an Adobe document in the correct colors.
It also would not support any 64 bit OS for network scanning.
When I asked when a correct driver would be forthcoming I was told maybe in 6 months.

They fixed the printer driver and blew off the 64 bit scanner drivers.

I suspect the same for W10.


Yes, all of the folders/systems have the password protection level so that's not the problem. Guest isn't it either, all systems have users with Admin rights.

I was afraid this would be the response I'd get. I just recently purchased a new version of this printer (HP LaserJet MFP M527z) for our 2nd office that works fine with Win10 for this function, but we did have to create static IPs for all of our systems to get the Scan-to-Network Folder to work properly. However, it  DOSEN'T support PC faxing because of the 32-bit/64-bit issue as pgm554 mentioned. And we also got the same response from HP, that they are not considering fixing the driver. Crazy when you spend $1K+ for a piece of equipment and it only does part of the job. I considered Brother but they don't seem to have the longevity HP does and the fact that the fuser is a separate item from the toner, I felt like I was constantly doing maintenance on the printers. Guess I will have to look harder for a better product because buying another HP is not the answer. We are a midsize office so on that bubble of maintaining our own or renting from an imaging company.

Back to my main issue, so if you were in my shoes would you roll back the Win10 updates or replace the MFP? The printer is old, I get that, but it still works and serves it's purpose. So frustrating.

Thank you for your input!!! Posted this same question on HP Enterprise forum and didn't receive one response from their support, go figure.
Does W10 solve any pain points that W7 does not?
If the answer is no ,go back to 7.
Yes, all of the folders/systems have the password protection level so that's not the problem.
So you are providing the logins to the printer to access their scan folders and expect this to work.

Guest isn't it either, all systems have users with Admin rights.
I understand these things but I don't understand the connection you're alluding to.  Admin rights generally have nothing to do with sharing - even though one may share via a User that's an Admin.  It's not necessary that the shares be granted to Admins to work just fine.  I believe that Guest isn't going to work if password protection is turned on.  So this means the printer *must* have the logins set up for each computer/folder.

I still think there could be an issue with this so I mention it.......


Sorry Fred, I miss understood your question when you mentioned Guest. However, I do believe the settings are still as you mentioned. All scan to folders are set-up on the printer with the user name and password with the path to the shared folder. All have been tested and verified. All folders at the PC are shared with security set to full control for Everyone.

They are scanning from the printer to the pc, if that matters. The file shows up at the PC as a PDF but it can't be opened. We do not enter a password at the printer, which we could try but thinking that might be a bigger pain with the amount of documents that are scanned daily. Every document that comes in our office is scanned and attached to the customers file.

I'm confused why this works SOMETIMES, it makes me think it has to be something else, but I'm not an expert either. I've had another employee contact me today and said it started acting up last Friday, but Monday scanned fine. Again today it's not, and a reboot hasn't fixed the problem, when that fixed it last Friday.  

Like pgm554 mentioned.....maybe we roll back to Win7 for now until we need to replace this printer.

Thank you!
As a final update for anyone else who runs across this post. The roll back to Win10 was not an option, we were past the 30 day point MS allows. Instead I created shared folders on a system that was running Win7 and mapped the drives.

Also as a follow up, all firmware was also updated and that didn't help. And to clarify from my earlier post, the new printer does offer the fax from PC option. However the cover page does NOT function on 64bit operating systems, and that is really a necessary item in the business world. That's a problem HP is aware of but is in no way offering a solution.

Thank you Fred and pgm554 for your suggestions the last couple of days!
Heh... clever solution!

All scan to folders are set-up on the printer with the user name and password with the path to the shared folder.
Yes.  This is what I'm used to seeing.  So the computers have to match their respective settings in the printer or vice-versa.

They are scanning from the printer to the pc, if that matters. The file shows up at the PC as a PDF but it can't be opened. We do not enter a password at the printer,
 I think you already entered a password at the printer from the previous quote....  ??   Yes, it matters but that is what I'd expected.  Wow.  The file shows up at the PC.  That almost suggests "problem solved".
I don't understand the issue then ..... BUT, Windows 10 doesn't start out acting very nicely with .pdfs!
I believe it will default to using Edge and then not always work for you.  I usually make sure that Adobe Reader is installed and make it the default.  That may help other software as well....
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