HP 650 suddenly not recognizing USB mouse

Recently i bought Gigatech USB 3D optical mouse. It worked for days perfectly and then suddenly for unknown reason it stopped working, "USB device not recognized".
I tried the mouse on other laptop, works perfectly. Last 4 days i went through hell trying to get it working on my HP 650 to no avail. I reinstalled windows 4 times (!!) 32 and 64 bit, same error.
I tried uninstalling USB root hubs and all the devices under USB tab in device manager and restarting the laptop.  Mouse got recognized number of times under various names "USB input device", "USB optical mouse" and "HID compliant device", each time working for few seconds to few minutes while freezing all the time and then stopping to work completely, including the led light under the mouse.
I tried unplugging all other usb devices, no good, copying files from File repository folder into Inf folder, no good, taking out the battery and letting it sit for 5-10min, no good.
Other usb devices i use, WiFi antenna and keyboard work fine in whatever port i plug them in, but mouse keeps getting not recognized whatever i do and like i said even when it does for few seconds it keeps freezing and dies.
It worked perfectly for days and than this, i have no idea of the cause or the solution, please help if you have any idea.
Niksa StanojevicAsked:
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noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
Well, mouse or hardware...
You can try this:
Specify com port.

1. Go to Start...Programs...3dxonnexion...3dxware...(right click) on "Start Driver" go to "properties".

2. Edit the "Target" line.

Old Line:
"C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxSrv.exe" -searchWarnDlg

New line:
"C:\Program Files\3Dconnexion\3DxWare\3DxSrv.exe" -com 1

3. save configuration

4. Start driver.

If that doesn't work, which it likely won't, try the clean uninstall from the bottom of the page here:
...and if your OS isn't seeing it at all, you can try this;

Try unplugging your device, then plug directly into the computer holding down both the number 1 and number 2 buttons on your device at the same time. Then release the buttons and access the Jet Demo. See if the device is recognized by the operating system at this time. You may test in the Jet Demo (Start, All Programs, 3Dconnexion, 3Dconnexion 3DxWare, Demos)

This may help your operating system re-discover your device.
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Niksa StanojevicAuthor Commented:
Donna, i don't have 3Dconnexion mouse but regular Gigatech optical USB mouse.
to test if the problem is hard or software, try booting from a live cd, like Knoppix :

if it works then -  it should work with windows;

i believe the problem to be hardware; did you test with other usb ports ? try them all
test it with NO other usb devices connected
Niksa StanojevicAuthor Commented:
nobus, like i wrote above i tried it with no other devices plugged in and in all 3 USB ports like thousand times already, no good. when i delete usb hubs i sometimes get it to work for few seconds or even minutes but it starts freezing and then stops working. this is very strange considering it worked for days like a charm and it only happens to this mouse, while all other usb devices work fine.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
A dumb question - have you replaced the battery in the mouse? I have here a MS wireless mouse which behaves similar when the voltage in its battery is low.
If this is not the case - any chance to try another mouse on the same machine?
If reinstalling Windows does not help then the problem is not in Windows or USB drivers. Somewhere else. Either in the mouse itself or in PC hardware where it refuses to work.
you never said you tried it in all usb ports, sorry; that's why i asked
is the mouse wireless?  then try with a wired one
or test by booting from the Knoppix cd
Niksa StanojevicAuthor Commented:
Mouse is not wireless, no battery in it. I checked the power rating for the each USB port and it doesn't exceede the rated 500mA.  Unfortunatelly i don't have another mouse to try but i got a feeling it would work fine since all other USB devices work in all the ports while this mouse does not work in any.
Niksa StanojevicAuthor Commented:
MY GOD...it is the loose contact inside the mouse, i just noticed when i move the cable exiting the mouse left and right it lights on and off as i move it. it worked flawlessly for days, that's why i didn't suspect it to be a physical problem, moreover it worked fine on other laptop when i tried it for a short time.

sorry for taking your time,  i'll have to take apart the mouse and try to fix it. thank you for your efforts to help me.
Niksa StanojevicAuthor Commented:
and the oscar goes to :)
i suggested :  to test if the problem is hard or software, try booting from a live cd, like Knoppix

so - no oscar for me??
Niksa StanojevicAuthor Commented:
nobus, your suggestion makes sense but below part from noxcho is right on the spot making the live cd boot not necessary.

"If reinstalling Windows does not help then the problem is not in Windows or USB drivers. Somewhere else. Either in the mouse itself or in PC hardware where it refuses to work."
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