PowerShell Send all resullts to one file

I am trying to write a simple Powershell script which I can run to query the environment and look for the presence of a directory

Here is what I am looking for as as example:

  $env:COMPUTERNAME ; Test-Path c:\users ;get-date

I would like all results display on the powershell console and append to a file the with each workstation result listed on one line each
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Something like that, or what is it exactly you're planning to do?
"$($ENV:ComputerName);$(Test-Path C:\Users);$(Get-Date)" >>"\\SomeServer\SomeShare\SomeFile.txt"

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compdigit44Author Commented:

 Now if I wanted to run this against a list of device but have it report the results to the console and file how would I do that. I would assume I would need WinRM enabled for this.

I am asking since I an inventorying a companies small network which we just took over
You only need the admin share.
$Share = 'C$'
$Path = 'Users'
Get-Content C:\Temp\Devices.txt | ForEach-Object {
	Try {
		Get-Item "\\$_\$Share" -ErrorAction Stop | Out-Null
		$Result = Test-Path "\\$($_)\$Share\$Path"
	} Catch {
		$Result = $_.Exception.Message
	"$($_);$($Result);$(Get-Date)" | Tee-Object -FilePath "C:\Temp\SomeFile.txt" -Append

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compdigit44Author Commented:
Thanks so much...

I understand the get-content is for the text file list all devices but I am confused as to the first two lines
$Share is the share under which the path is when accessed remotely; for C:\Users, that would be the administrative share C$.
$Path is the path to test against under that share.
A simple
Test-Path "\\$_\C`$\Users"
would lead to false negatives if the machine is turned off or otherwise not accessible.
compdigit44Author Commented:
Thanks I will test it.... WinRM is required ino rder to run this correct?
Nope; as I said, just the regular admin shares. No remoting involved.
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