routing between two sonicwall NSA 2600's connected via patch cable on x2 port

Desperate to get route going between two NSA 2600's (connected via patch cable on x2 port on each). 2 different subnets, NSA 2600 A needs to be able to connect to and see devices on NSA 2600 B. Could I pay someone for an hour of your time? I can provide more details here as well. Thank you
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J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
Please prove the subnets and SonicWALL IP addresses used.

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J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
Say SonicWALL A has X0
Say SonicWALL A has X2
Say SonicWALL B has X0
Say SonicWALL B has X2

On SonicWALL A add a static route
src = any
dst -
gw =
int = X2

On SonicWALL B add a static route
src = any
dst -
gw =
int = X2
markgal26Author Commented:
Thank you for your reply!
I will try this and be back to you soon
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markgal26Author Commented:
Ok, this is precisely what I've tried to do.  Perhaps my configuration is wrong somewhere along the line? perhaps I created the address object incorrectly?  I will come back and post screenshots if that is helpful?
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
which zone is X2?

did you create proper firewall rules?

e.g. if it's DMZ zone, you will need to add DMZ to LAN firewall rules.
markgal26Author Commented:
X2 is in a trusted zone along with X0 (lan)
it is not DMZ
I believe the firewall rules are OK as well (also as everything is in trusted zone aren't those rules created or observed automatically?)
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
depends on settings. I would check the firewall rules just in case.

screenshots would help.
markgal26Author Commented:

First I'll upload "phone network" (one NSA 2600) then "data network" (the other NSA 2600)
in your example lets replace with:
phone network: 10.0.0.x / x2 interface ip:
data network: 10.0.1.x / x2 interface IP:

ideally the data network needs to see devices/servers on the phone network (other way around not necesssary)

right now each network can ping the firewall of the other network, but thats it..

phone network firewall

phone network interface

phone network objects

phone network routing

data network firewall


data network interface

data network objects

data network route
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
the routes are wrong.
destination should be the other nsa's X0 network, not the local X2 network
markgal26Author Commented:
I've tried a combo of everything, grasping at straws.. when I try it that way I can't ping at all.  Here is it is with the route and the corresponding address object for the destination xo network


J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
pls do the following,
make the routes as in the last screenshot
so on the 10.0.0.x SonicWALL
src= ANY
dst = 10.0.1.x
gw =
int = X2

so on the 10.0.1.x SonicWALL
src= ANY
dst = 10.0.0.x
gw =
int = X2

on firewall settings>advanced
enable " Decrement IP TTL for forwarded traffic"

then from the 10.0.0.x network do
tracert (or a valid ip ontha tnet)

then from the 10.0.1.x network do
tracert (or a valid ip ontha tnet)

pls provide tracert output.

I assume the networks use the SonicWALL as default gateway?

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markgal26Author Commented:
I believe we are good! looks like its working so far. Can't thank you enough :-)
what can I do to say thanks? don't want to break any rules can you send an email address? or is that no no..
J SpoorTME / Network Security EvangelistCommented:
if the case is solved, please mark the answer as solving your case :)
markgal26Author Commented:
jspoor is awesome - thank you!
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