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SQL Select effecient?

I have a select that is working but would like to know if it is efficient.
Potentially looking at @ 300k records

There is a base table
There is a table of people that are folliing other people.
I can be both an object and the subject of following or being followed.

Using id from my profile "ewC"
Get the folks that are following me  "c2"
Get the folks that I am following "c3"

Set to 1 or 0 in my case statement

DECLARE	@CounsumerProfileID INT;
SET @CounsumerProfileID = 35557;
SELECT	ewC.ConsumerProfileID MyID,
		ewC.UserID MyUserID,
		ewC.FirstName ,
		ewC.LastName ,
		c2.FollowerConsumerProfileID FollowingMeID,
		c2.FirstName + ' '  + c2.LastName FollowingMeName ,
		c2.AvatarImage FollowingMeAvatar ,
		--If I am following the person that is following me
		CASE WHEN c3.ConsumerProfileID IS NULL THEN 0
			 ELSE 1
		END I_AM_Following
FROM	ewConsumerProfiles ewC
		--Get people who are following me
				   SELECT	cp.ConsumerProfileID AS FollowerConsumerProfileID ,
							cp.FirstName ,
							cp.LastName ,
							cp.AvatarImage ,
				   FROM		ewConsumerFollowing cf
							INNER JOIN ewConsumerProfiles cp ON cp.ConsumerProfileID = cf.FollowingConsumerProfileID
				  ) c2 ON ewC.ConsumerProfileID = c2.ConsumerProfileID
		--Get the people I am following
				   SELECT	ConsumerProfileID ,
				   FROM		ewConsumerFollowing
				   WHERE	FollowingConsumerProfileID = @CounsumerProfileID
				  ) c3 ON c2.FollowerConsumerProfileID = c3.ConsumerProfileID
WHERE	ewC.ConsumerProfileID = @CounsumerProfileID;

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Larry Brister
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ewConsumerFollowing is a table that has...
A unique ID
A person being followed id
And the person following them id

It is set in a community page with a simple checkbox

A person can follow me...
However it happens... I can follow them as well
There are now two records
the id
And the to personal ids that reference each other
I don't design it myself
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Best approach in my opinion is for you to check the execution plan under SSMS "Query" menu option - just select "Display Estimated Execution Plan" to see how things are done in SQL and find potential missing index details.
And I read this.... how?
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Thanks guy... appreciated