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Multi domain certificate offered by digicert is almost $300 in comparison to comodo for only $90. Commodo provides 3 UCC instead of 4+1 from Digicert but I don't even use all 5 and 3 names resolution works perfect for me.

What will be the impact, if I do new certificate request and migration from digicert to comodo
pchettriIT DirectorAsked:
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There should be no noticeable impact.  You can leave both certificates valid for a few days and then revoke the old certificate.  Make sure you assign all the appropriate services to use the new cert.  There are some cheaper providers out there as well if you care to look around.

Bottom line is the clients shouldn't even notice the changeover.
Sushil SonawaneCommented:
As "BAS2754" say it right and what he mention approach also good for minimal impact.
MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
Download this for the command to generate CSR.
Submit the CSR in comodo portal. Download the certificate and complete the pending request.
Install the new certificate in Exchange server
Install and assign services Exchange2010
Install Exchange2013
Once you installed and assigned the services(i.e.IIS,SMTP) on certificate open internet explorer and  check which certificate is using by Exchange server. Attached an image for your reference.
If you can see Issuer is Comodo. Check your Outlook Anywhere and Activesync, If both working you are safe to export(optional) and delete your old certificate.

pchettriIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Got the answer that the service does not interrupt when I complete the CSR request and import of completely new certificate... thanks
pchettriIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
ended up renewing existing cert
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