error I/O in copying in linux redhat

i've a redhat server running oracle DB. i've an error appears while i try to copy some files from the mount point of the database i try to solve it with oracle support but they told me it's hardware or system problem not problem in database level because also the DBA can't make his traditional backup for database. so how can i fix that?

the error message for copying file for example is: error "I/O error" while copying the file from source to destination

OS: linux redhat 5.5
DB: oracle 10g
built on vmware solutions and the hard disks that attach to the VM from EMC storage
so can i make an chdsk for this mount point (by the way this mount point is an separate HD just attached for the vm for database only)
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andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Sonds like some physical damage on the harrdisk where the database is located.

The damaged blocks are lost, you need to restore the last known good backup. maybe the dba can do some magic then with the redo logs, if they are till accessible, to bring the database back to the current state.
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
ok let me clarify it more:
i installed the server of this databse on esxi and have 3 HDs one for the system, one for the DB, and the last one for the Logs that DBA used.

all theses HDs comes from LUNs on EMC storage

it was a long period without DBA to make the backup process so it'll be very hard to make this restore you can say there is no backup, my question for the HD itself how can it be damaged?
i also check even from the level of the storage all disks work normal without any errors even if there is an error for one disk there is hot spare for it and work automatically related to the raid function.
something crazy or unreasonable :)
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Whats the RAID-Level on the storage for the 3 disks of your database server?
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asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
what i mean for raid it's on the storage EMC level not the server level. i mean that  this server has 3 disks separated for OS, DB, log
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
yes sure, now i want to know on the storage level, are those disks JBOD, RAID1 or RAID5.

But it seems its only 3 single HDDs so it seems JBOD. that means you dont have any redundancy, so the hot spare disc is no use, if sectors on one of the 3 hdds went bad, you want get any error protection from the storage, if the disks are not mirrored or in RAID5 or 6.

Or do you mean, the storage exports 3 disk images from its very large storage area to the server and its not physical HDDs directly exported?
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
it's storage enclouser with 50 TB in raid 5
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
okay then defective blocks from storage level are not likely at all.

might be filesystem errors. try a fsck on the affected volume. make a full backup of the disk first. (image that didnt quit when hit blocks with errors.)
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
the size of the hard (DB) is 500G i know it'll take long time, right?

and this filesystem won't effect the files ?

i take snapshot from the machine daily
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
if you have a snapshot on storage level of this disk where the DB is located you can try the fsck without a backup if the snapshots are good.

But even after a successful fsck with repair of the file system the database file might be corrupted.
so you should backup your database after filesystem rapair to see if that works then, and then check for database consistency.

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asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
ok many thanks andreas for your help and patients :)
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
No Problem. So might I know if the problem got fixed by an fsck?

Its also good to know for others that might read the thread to see what was the final fix.
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
ok i'll feed you back just i try to get suitable time to shutdown the database by our DBA :)
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