Hp Switch - When I enable IP routing, why does the ability to enter the default gateway option disappear?

Hi guys,

I have an HP 2920-48G switch. I'm setting it up for the first time.

Why is it that when I enable IP routing on there, it suddenly takes away the ability for me to enter a default gateway? I want it to have a management IP, but it will need a default gateway in order to talk to the other networks?

Thanks a lot
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Pallavi GodseSr. Digital Marketing ExecutiveCommented:
Please refer to the link below to understand the working of IP router to resolve your issue -
Craig BeckCommented:
When you're routing you are considered to be a 'router'.  That means you need to use routes to determine where traffic goes.  As a router, you should use the ip route <gw_IP> command to determine the default route.

When you're not routing you use the default-gateway.  You can still use static routes for the router/switch's own traffic, including a default route to, but the default is for everything that you don't have a specific route to.
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