How to run 2 Samsung 4K TV's as monitors in 4196X2160 @60hz

What card should I look at for 4196X2160 @ 60 hz where everything will look, crisp, normal?

One card I have will support that rez, but things look funky until I change the setting to 3800X1900@60hz.  So, I have two issues: I want the higher rez AND stuff to look right...AND I want to run 2 Samsung 4K TV's as monitors.  The R7 card I have will only run the one.

At this time I have these two cards installed:

AMD Radeon(TM) R7 370 Graphics...  runs the 1 Samsung 4kTV, but does it at 3800X1900 @60 hz and looks fine, but would like to have 4196X2160@60hz, but when I run that setting, text looks real crappy.

AMD Radeon HD6800 Series...runs 4 1080 monitors, wont' support higher res.

I want to have a second Samsung 4K TV and will probably just yank the AMD Radeon HD6800 Series and replace it with another card.

OS is Win7Pro
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
You've already maxed out the 4770's graphics ability:
so you'll need a second adapter in order to do 2.
You might consider a GTX 750 for the second monitor:
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Your graphics card may not be the issue here.

What's the native resolution of your Samsung Displays?  Most are badged as 4K or 4K ready but generally are designed to run at 3,840 x 2,160 max and once you push them past that everything starts to fall apart.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
There are six different revisions of the HDMI standard and only the latest (2.0) even supports what you are asking for.  For it to work, the source material (even BlueRay movies are usually not 4K), the card, the cable (!!!), and the monitor all have to meet the HDMI 2.0 standard.
Since display port has better support for 4K, I'd suggest you look at that option on replacement video card(s); but, first, what is the source material and what is the model number of the Samsung display(s)?
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wfcrrAuthor Commented:
I looked again and realize I have it connected to the DisplayPort on the card. Samsung TV is connected using an HDMI cable connected to a Club HDMI to DisplayPort adaptor and that to the card DisplayPort.   The HDMI cable and the Club adaptor both are spec'd to support this resolution.

The Samsung is a UN55JU6700F. The setting on the Samsung is Source: HDMI/DVI:PC.  The choices in the Source menu are PC, Cable box, Satellite Box, IPTV and PVR STB.  I had to call Samsung support to figure out where to find that setting, as it was not intuitively clear how to get to it.

I wonder if MASQ's comment about the Samsung is what the issue is?  Maybe the TV only does 3840x2160 well?

One other question I have, forgot to mention I had been running the Samsung TV from the Mobo DisplayPort, the reason I had it plugged into the Mobo DisplayPort is I was trying to see if I could run two Samsung TV's on this PC. Thursday the Intel Driver got weird and caused all my screens to go black for a few seconds.  That is when I swapped it over to the R7 card.

Sorry for all the blabbing.  If the Samsung only does the 3840x2160, I can live with it.  Wonder if I need to buy a second R7 card to run the 2nd Samsung TV, or how to tell if the Intel Driver for the Mobo DisplayPort will conflict with the AMD drivers?
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
The native resolution of that Samsung is 3840X2160:

Some display ports can support two monitors by themselves; but, I'd need the system board model number and the CPU chip you have in it?
wfcrrAuthor Commented:
This is the PC we have been discussing:
mobo is GA-Z87X-UD5H
CPU is i7-4770 @3.40GHz

I also have one I need to finish building:
mobo is Gigabyte Z170X-GAMING 7
CPU is i7-6700 3.40GHz
wfcrrAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, guys!
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