Canon ImageRunner Remote UI via USB? How to?

We've got a Canon ImageRunner printer connected via USB to a user's computer, and we need to be able to access its administrative user interface... but it's connected via USB instead of ethernet.  Any way to access that user interface?  (We need to set up scanning to folder and email functions.)

Alternatively, there's NOT an ethernet switch at this location... just the computer (wireless) and the printer.  Can we connect the printer directly to the computer using an ethernet cable?  Crossover cable required?

It's a Canon ImageRunner 1730.

P.S.  Last thought - maybe we could connect the printer via wireless?  (We haven't checked this at all - didn't think it's capable, and didn't want to complicate things with this user.)

K AAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You have a very restricted environment here. You can do two things (I have done both although not with Canon).

1. Get a USB <-> Ethernet Print server box and a switch and put the device on the network. It may be possible to access the computer that way (although Internet would have to be shared). Not the preferred choice.

2. Put Radmin Server (Famatech) on the computer and Radmin Viewer on your machine. Log into the computer and manage the printer locally. This should work fine.
K AAuthor Commented:
Thanks, John... I should've mentioned that we don't have a problem accessing the computer itself remotely - we're doing that using some remote control software.  It's the printer's browser interface that we're not able to get to.

The USB <-> Ethernet printer server might work...
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you can access the computer and log in as administrator on the computer, then you should be able to get into the printer browser interface.

1. Can the user there do this?  You need to determine this.
2. Printer server will not help if the printer cannot be accessed.
3. Can the printer be reset (hard reset)? The local user would have to do this. Talk them through it.
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You can connect the printer to the  with an Ethernet cable. Most modern PCs do not require a cross over cable.  However, you will have to give both the PC and the printer a manual Ethernet address.

However, if the printer is not networked, how do you expect it to scan to email? That would have to be set up on the PC.  I do not know if the Canon comes with scanning software that let's you do that.

Finally, as far as I know, there is no wireless interface for your printer.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you can scan, you may be able to email via the computer's Internet capacity.

However, you should figure out why you cannot manage it. It is not a remote issue so far as I can see.

Is it time for a much better printer ?
K AAuthor Commented:
John, thank you for your continued interest and replies.  1.  How would we access the printer's browser interface without an IP address?   Recall that we're connected using a USB cable.

hdhondt, 1.  Thank you for the info re connecting via Ethernet cable.  So often, it's helpful just to know it CAN be done;  we'll give that a try.  2.  Great point about how are we going to email with networking... hadn't connected those two dots yet!

Will report back on our results - it's curious to me that browser access hasn't yet been supported by this very common interface (USB).  Sounds like connecting directly with Ethernet may be the way to go.  Curious to me that we haven't done this yet!!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The printer is connected to the computer by USB. You set it up in the first place and you can remote into the computer. So connect to the computer and launch the printer. That is what I would do (and what I do as well).
K AAuthor Commented:
John, thanks again for your continued interest... but I think you may be missing the kernel of the question:  how to get into the printer's BROWSER interface so that we can configure some settings that are not part of Control Panel > Devices and Printers (i.e. the address book for scanning to a folder on the computer).
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I am not missing the point. How did the printer get set up on the computer?  Please address this.

It may be the printer is not working properly.

You need yourself or someone to work locally at the printer and make sure it can be set up with the browser interface.

It sounds to me that the printer is either not working properly or needs a hard reset.
If there are network connections available, you can just network the printer. It will take both connections at once, and accept jobs from both ports.

If you can do that, emailing scans will become much easier.
The issue here is that the printer is NOT networked at present. Hence the user cannot access its web interface. I have explained how to access the web interface and scan to email.
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