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Issues with 2008 Server in Hyper-V / How to replace AD server.

I have a 6 server test environment running with Oracle VM VirtualBox. One server is Windows Server 2008 R2, the others are Windows 2012 server. (The 2012 servers are fine, so they won't be mentioned much more.)

My goal is to move this entire to a machine running Windows 10 (anniversary edition) using Hyper-V. I used the disk management tool in VirtualBox to convert and copy the hard disk files to VHD format. I have the files now attached and all run, except for the 2008 server. It constantly blue screens and does not start of course. It will start in recovery mode, but I have no recovery file. I took the following steps when creating the Hyper-v machine for the 2008 server -

Create New Machine
Select Generation 1 (the existing hard file can not be found if Generation 2 is selected.)
Select dynamic memory (also tried to boot with this unselected)
Connect to external virtual switch (tried other variation also)
Select to use an existing virtual hard disk, (also tried to attach later, made no difference)
Start machine, all works fine except for 2008 server.

Any ideas why this may be. Host machine has all updates applied. Plenty of resources. Hyper-V enabled in bios.

But if I can't get this machine to run, I need to replace the server and promote it to be a DC. I really can't take the other servers out of the domain and add to a new domain without doing major reconfigurations applications running on them. So the dilemma, if I create a new DC, (which is not big problem), how I can convince the existing servers that the new DC is the same as the old DC, as far as SID's etc..

I have no AD backup of the old server.

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