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Windows 2008 CBS.log growing

I have run into a problem over the last couple of month or so were my Windows 2008 and 2008R2 will experience memory depletion and the only quick fix is a reboot for the short term. I know svchost is taking up a large part of the memory and handles and the svchost process in question is part of the "NetSvcs" group as listed in task manger. After using RamMap I see a lot of memory in standby by that the CBS.log file was very large 680MB. I know this is controlled by the Windows Moduler Installer and should be trunked and may not be truncated it the file is getting hammered. It appears to be a lot of Windows Update related items listed and after stopping the Windows update server clammed things down. Here is my problem I have a large environment were se still have ~200 Windows 2008 server and this issue is affecting ~85% of them and started around 7/18. We do use SCCM to push windows updates to devices. Any way  for me to tell if there is a corrupt update that is trying to install? In the logs I do not see one particular hat stands out so far.
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I had this happen on a Win 7 PC. I had to delete all of it. I think it is because Microsoft continues to push their junk on everyone--like Windows 10 upgrades behind the scenes. I also had some updates failing.  Here is a discussion of the problem on Microsoft's own technet
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Thanks for the feedback I just think its odd how it is old affect Windows 2008 and 2008 R2 servers. What is the latest Windows Update Agent of for 2008? I keep reading conflicting information on the latest version.
I suspect, that Microsoft purposely cripples old versions of Windows and slows them down so people will think, "Man my Windows is slow, I need to upgrade." It is a ridiculous game that we've all played for too many years.  The other day our user was told that they had to update their Windows Media player to view a video. Turned out to be a backdoor way of accepting Windows 10 upgrade.  They are pretty desperate and unscrupulous in trying to force everyone on Windows 10 where users no longer have any control over their own machine whatsoever.  That's why I made my primary machine Linux and abandon Microsoft technology as often as feasible.  I even tried a Mac, though I was sure I never would. (I went back to Linux) ;)

I do feel your pain as I have several Windows 2008 servers also. If you are going to stay with Windows then as the Borg from Star Trek Next Generation would say, "Resistance if futile, you will be assimilated."  You might as well just upgrade to 2012 or later and be prepared for the bumpy ride apparently.
We are planning to upgrade but we are large organize and still have 200+ servers running Windows 2008.. This is crazy there has to be a "fix" for this
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