Calendar Publishing from unfederated Exchange 2010 server (hosted)

Hi Folks,

I have a need to publish a customers calendar in order for it to be viewed (only) by another user within a separate exchange organisation - they also don't share a common server hosting, one in UK one in Paris. For discussion here lets call the person I need to publish the calendar for and the user who needs to view it.

I'm advised that it is possible to publish user1's calendar either through OWA or Outlook for access by User2 using a WebDav server. However I can't find much about how to establish a WebDav server for this need.

Can anyone confirm that this is possible and:
1. Point me at the suitable supplier of WebDav serves . . . dropbox or Box ????
2. State what the limitations of publicly sharing a caledar in this way are.
3. Clarify how WebDav differs from CalDav and perhaps how i could acheive the above using this technology/protocol.

I only seem to get negative reports when I google these topics . .  should I be wary ???

In Outlook 2016 I see I can publish my own Exchange 2010 based calendar to the internet using WebDav and I'm prompted to provide the location where the files should be placed. I'm assuming I can't just use any old webspace here, it has to have a WebDav service operational? Confirmation and more besides would be helpful.

TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAsked:
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TrevorWhiteConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I have an update regarding Published to Internet Calendars.
The outlook Properties for the Published Internet Calendar are ambiguous.
The server it refers to is not the Exchange server but the WebDav server which may not have a default update frequency. Turning this off and managing updates through the outllok Send/Receive schedule then works - but of course updates are only managed so long as Outlook is running.

The same applies to the subscribing Outlook client. The default configuration results in a maximum of around 60mins between end to end updates assuming both outlook clients have send/rx setup as 30min schedules and the calendar accounts are included in the Send/Rx all group.

Its not perfect but may be OK for us.
Does anyone know if the Office WebDav (or CalDav) offering does have an auto update feature so taking some of the responsibility from Outlook??

Jackie ManCommented:
It is not an easy task but it is technically feasible.

How to get a free WebDav?

1. Use any browser and sign up for a free MS account at using the email address of

Essentially, it is the same MS account to access MS Apps Store and Win 10.

2. Signon MS account and goto and it is a Free 5GB OneDrive and it is more than enough for a public folder.

In the URL of your browser, you will see

where ################ is the unique identifier in MS Live, the 16 characters after id=

3. Add OneDrive as a Network Drive

Briefly, head to OneDrive, open any of your folders and copy ################. Then head to This PC in your File Explorer. In the Computer tab, click Map network drive. Where it says Folder:, paste in the characters you just copied and preface them with this URL: The result should look like in the screenshot below. Make sure both Reconnect at sign in and Connect using different credentials are selected, then click Finish, and log in with your OneDrive username and password.

In case you set up two-factor authentication for your Microsoft account, remember that you need an app password for this to work.

4. The new network drive is the location where the files should be placed for the publish of Exchange 2010 based calendar.

5. There are two options, but I have not tested the second yet.

The first option will work for sure as you can just give the credential for accessing to the other organization.

The second option is to create a folder within onedrive and share that folder to the MS account of the other organization.

6. The other organization can do Step 3 and map the onedrive as a network drive in their computer and ask Outlook to open the Exchange 2010 based calendar saved at that location.

Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
just want to make sure you know there is an inbuilt tool via http

you don't really need a WEBDAV server and webdav is old protocol and not forward compatible.
this method also valid to exchange 2013/16
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Trevor WhiteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Jian and Jackie,

Thanks for your time with this.
Jackie first - There seems to be many different WebDav servers available, the setup for OneDrive does indeed seem a little convoluted. I have discovered that Box also offers WebDav and the setup is as easy as entering the root directory of when publishing the calendar to the internet. The Free Box account has 10Gb of space so no problems there. Subscribing can be done either by sending a subscription invite email or by supplying the full calendar path contained in the shared calendar properties. You'll also need the established Box credentials.

Thanks for the heads up on this, I did try this root but the Publish to the internet option was greyed out on all accounts I looked at on our Exchange Server. I concluded that this was part of the UnFederated setting. Although I couldn't get this confirmed. Our Exchange Host Provider (1st level support) couldn't help and our normal 2nd/3rd lines were occupied with another issue!! Can you confirm that the Publish to the internet option should be available on an unFedarated Server

Even though we have a solution to the immediate problem it would be good to determine if an UnFederated Exchange 2010 (and 2013 for that matter) should be able to Publish to the Internet from OWA

Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
that will seems a it hard if it is hosted exchange

first, you need to able to access to the server and follow this first part

If you can follow it, then you are dead in the water anyway, WEBDAV will require more changes.
TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi Jian,
Since this is Hosted Exchange we have no access to the Server - There are SysAdmins that support the service but it would be impractical for specific changes to be made just for us as these may not be compatible with other user needs.

I think this is why WebDav exists and is available for when a non EXchaneg server is in use or when the EXchange server is hosted and/or Unfederated - and I still don't know what 'Unfederated' means in terms of Exchange Server config limitations.

Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a good blog post in the link below.

The blog posting explains that unfederated means the authentication is done on cloud and no sync is required to on premises AD.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
There is no cloud in place as it is just a exchange hosted environment


you need to setup a new WEBDAV server
and given that, this only works between Outlook and Webdav, and your end user need to manually pushlish it on every changes

It is not the best but at least deliver something
TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Outlook states that the default server publish frequency can be used. We haven't finished testing yet but will advise if this is indeed an issue (auto updating)

TrevorWhiteIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Apart from Jackie's link to help define what unfederated meant the other submissions weren't really helpful. I did state that we were on a hosted Exchange platform and as such it should have been obvious that there would be little scope to configure a shared server (if at all)

I hope my findings help someone in a similar situation.

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