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MYSQL QUERY - if another column is true in the query

I have a query which pulls out data from a booking database.
It lists all the possible booking options as well and if the user has booked it.

The booking options have a topicID column, some options have the same topicID and cannot be booked twice.

I want to be able to add a column to my query which shows if the user has booked each topic... Perhaps by adding a topicBooked True/False column.

Current query example:
SELECT gb.* , bo.*, gb.bookingGroupId,
EXISTS ( SELECT * FROM user_bookingOption ubo WHERE bo.bookingOptionID =  ubo.bookingOptionID AND ubo.userId = 2112) as userHasBooked
FROM bookingGroup gb
LEFT JOIN bookingOption bo ON (gb.bookingGroupId = bo.bookingGroupId)

For each row I need to ask has there been an option booked with the same topic number in this query.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Ryan Chong
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if a user has booked a topic (topicBooked), isn't it that mean a topic is booked (topicBooked) too?

is the table: bookingGroup stores the topic info?
I think you can add this column:

, EXISTS ( SELECT * FROM user_bookingOption ubo 
           WHERE bo.bookingOptionID <>  ubo.bookingOptionID AND 
           bo.topicID =  ubo.topicID AND ubo.userId = 2112) as topicBooked 

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This will have a true value when there is the same TopicID exists for a different booking
just realized I got a typo, what i mean is:

if a user has booked a topic (userHasBooked), isn't it that mean a topic is booked (topicBooked) too?
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Hi Guys,
Thanks for trying to help... I was worried i wasn't explaining the issue.

RYAN - Yes if a user has booked a topic (userHasBooked), then they HAVE booked (topicBooked) too.
- There can be multiple options of the same topic, so I want a flag next to all the topics when 1 of them has been booked. eg:

option | topicId | userHasBooked | topicBooked
option1      1                        0                           1
option2      2                        1                           1
option3      3                        0                           0
option4      1                        1                           1
option5      1                        0                           1
option6      3                        0                           0
option7      2                        0                           1

In this mock up you can see they have booked option2 and option4 which are in toipcId 2&1. Means I want topicBooked to be true for all the topics 2 and 1... but topicId 3 hasnt been booked yet so topicBooked is false for that..
Thanks for your suggestion.... I think you understand what I want.... BUT:
The confusing thing is that the topicID is only stored in bookingOption... so I somehow need to cross reference if a booking has been made with bookingOption.topicID??????

Any other thoughts
Heres a screenshot of the db:User generated image
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Hi Chaau,

YES! This is 99% there for what I want.

I changed ON ubo.bookingGroupId = bo1.bookingGroupId to ON ubo.bookingOptionId = bo1.bookingOptionId

And then I decided to remove: WHERE bo.bookingOptionID <>  ubo.bookingOptionID
as I wanted booked items to also show as topicBooked=1 as well.

Would you say that is OK??

Heres the altered query:
, EXISTS ( SELECT 1 FROM user_bookingOption ubo INNER JOIN bookingOption bo1
           ON ubo.bookingOptionId = bo1.bookingOptionId
           WHERE bo.bookingOptionId <>  ubo.bookingOptionId AND 
           bo.bookingOptionTopic =  bo1.bookingOptionTopic AND ubo.userId = 2112) as topicBooked 

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Yes, should be fine, if it does the job.