Noone on the network can stream news videos or feeds

We have a simple network with a 2008 Server domain controller and a SonicWall TZ205.  We had a crash and had to rebuild the server from scratch.  Nothing changed except it is no longer our email server.  Nothing changed with the SonicWall.

Now, noone on the network can stream live video feeds such as cnngo or foxnewsgo.  It just sit with the loading circle and never starts.  Does not matter if it's IE, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.  It does the same on foxnews and cnn videos from the archive.

Is there some way of diagnosing the issue without an error message?
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
did the stream video have anything to do with the W2K8 server? did the previous W2K8 installation have a Streaming Media Service role? were your stream subscriptions going through the W2K8 server?
gilnovSystems AdministratorCommented:
Where are your machines getting DNS and DHCP? Try flushing the DNS resolver cache on one of the workstations that can't stream and see if that makes a difference.
Stefan HoffmannCommented:
You could try using wireshark to watch the network. Another option would be using fiddler which is a http debugger.

Using them you can watch the network traffic and systematically isolate what causes your issues.
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joeshinallAuthor Commented:
As far as I know, there was no Streaming Media Service role before on the old load of server.  I'm about 99% sure of that because I don't ever remember setting that up.

The machines are all static IP's manually assigned but the DNS is the server IP.

I will try wireshark but not very familiar with it and see how it goes today.
gilnovSystems AdministratorCommented:
Try setting DNS address in one of the workstations to Google's public DNS service address, or and test.
joeshinallAuthor Commented:
Gilnov, It still did not work with the DNS set to either one of those.
gilnovSystems AdministratorCommented:
Try the tracert command from a command window to one of the video sites (e.g. tracert and see if it gets all the way to the destination without being stopped along the way. Is the last successful hop inside or outside your firewall/gateway?
joeshinallAuthor Commented:
I got a request timed out on all hops.
gilnovSystems AdministratorCommented:
For some reason, your firewall isn't allowing outbound connections to those sites. I'm surprised internet is working at all. What about a tracert to another site such as or Are other streaming sites affected (e.g. Are ALL workstations affected by the streaming issue?
joeshinallAuthor Commented:
Gilnov, I was thinking the same thing about how the internet is working.  Youtube videos play with no problem.  However anything I try to tracert from any PC in this network times out.  All workstations are affected by the issue.  But everything else on the net works perfectly fine...
gilnovSystems AdministratorCommented:
What happens if you try to use an IP address instead of the host name when you stream from cnngo or foxnewsgo? If you flush the resolver cache (ipconfig/flushdns from a command prompt), does YouTube still work?
gilnovSystems AdministratorCommented:
Another thought that occurred to me earlier is that, while you didn't change your Sonicwall config after the server crash, maybe you should have. The rebuilt server may be appearing as an unauthorized host on the network even if you gave it the same IP it had before the crash. I'm not too familiar with Sonicwall devices but, generally, you need to tell gateway/firewall devices what device(s) are doing DNS on your LAN. Don't assume the Sonicwall will know what's up because the new server has the same IP.

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joeshinallAuthor Commented:
Yes, youtube still works after a flushdns.  When I try and go to CNNgo's IP address, I get a CNN Page not found error.

Also, yes I also just thought about that and I plan on restarting the sonicwall in about 45 minutes when everyone is off for the day so I can see if maybe a restart will kick it in.
joeshinallAuthor Commented:
Well I went ahead and restarted the SonicWall and low and behold, it fixed the issue.  You were correct about it being confused about the old server.

Thanks so much for your help gilnov!!
joeshinallAuthor Commented:
Gilnov worked very well at breaking down his explanations and things to try.  Kudos from a hardware guy with not much networking history.
gilnovSystems AdministratorCommented:
Happy I could help and thanks for the kudos. As I'm fond of saying, the solution is always easy once you know the answer!
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