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Concerning everyones "solution" to view ALL mailbox sizes within one window.

1. If "custom" code is required in Power Shell or any other scripting applet, why even have a GUI? Maybe we can all go back to 1977 when I first touched a computer and get all excited about white on black with a flashing prompt and and seemingly endless library of command line functions. Yeah Hurray, Yippee, Woo Hoo. Oh and BTW which version of the "Library" will we all start to memorize again??? and how often will it change and be added onto?  and did everyone get their yearly update to their overpriced Encyclopedia Britannica as numerous scholars and geniuses changed, added to or deleted history???  Because that system was by far the most efficient for everyone........SERIOUSLY!!! There is A GUI in this millennium for a reason...because the options are too numerous to memorize so the display challenge has been for the last 30 years to offer intuitive menus with intuitive choices in intuitive locations....and yes MS has not perfected it but neither has Apple, or UNIX but it is a hell of a lot better than either hunting down a 300 item command list, or memorizing as many as one can then trying to get those memorized to do things they weren't designed to because we can't memorize any more or them....   Yeah one step forward and 30 steps back ... I was there when this whole thing started and most of you ppl just excuse the current incompetency and offer more code like you discovered a cancer cure......................morons!  
2.) How about one of you "code-scientists" show a reg edit that adds CurrentMailboxSize to the existing Add\Remove Columns options into the existing EMC menu and then slap yourself on the back or shove another hot-pocket in your face as we all bow down to the pale-skinned, chicken-nugget-complexion, chair-shaped-butt god that you hold yourself up to be! (Yeah I once lived in the basement lab too. Get out of there before you hang yourself...get a tan, have some salad, get laid!) .............. morons!
Allen Rogers
Allen Rogers
1 Solution
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
1. Would you prefer to have even the most basic tasks bogged down in a uselessly complex GUI that gives you all of the mountains of information available through powershell? Or perhaps you'd rather have to dig through all the information that you don't want just so you can get to what you do want? Personally, I'd rather just run this:
get-mailbox | get-mailboxstatistics | select displayname,totalitemsize 

Open in new window

2. If you knew anything about EMC in Exchange, you'd know that it's just a front-end for PowerShell. Everything in EMC is either a GUI method for passing PowerShell commands to Exchange or displaying the results of PowerShell commands. There is no registry modification that will allow you to display the information you want in the EMC. To do so, you would have to drastically modify the way EMC functions, which would, in turn, put it in an unsupported state by Microsoft. Thus, we cannot give you instructions to do so on here because doing so would break the ToS.

To be more specific about why this wouldn't be possible without major changes to the code of EMC, EMC displays mailboxes using the get-mailbox cmdlet in powershell. Mailbox size is not an attribute that is returned by that cmdlet, so changing the mailbox display in EMC so it also includes mailbox size would require a lot more coding than you might think.

3. Seriously, if you're going to ask people for help or advice, you should consider not insulting everyone while doing so. If you're upset or unhappy about how Microsoft designed Exchange, take it up with Microsoft. Don't sit there and complain about all the kids on your lawn playing with PowerShell while asking them how to make the universe bend to the way you want it to function. You work in IT. Either keep up with it, keep learning, or retire. Being the grumpy, incompetent, old IT guy who breaks everything while pretending his knowledge of COBOL makes him somehow useful does nothing for the people around you.
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