Is there a third party support service available for single person IT providers?

My IT support operation has grown, however not enough to support a full-time employee (besides myself). is there a service available that can provide coverage when I am out of town? I spoke with another IT provider years ago who mentioned Ingram Micro, but I haven't had any luck finding such as service.

Larry GoodeAsked:
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Where are you?  In general, the best solution for this is to NETWORK.  Join local user groups, get to know other consultants in the area - odds are some of them know things you don't... and you know things they don't.  I'm part of a group that covers each other and helps each other out on projects.  If I'm out of town and an emergency situation arises, I call any of a dozen different people who can go on site and cover for me.
With "out of Town", which Town, Country Continent do you mean? If there is no need for physical access to the hardware, things can probably be done remotely to a large extent, and the Experts-Exchange would be a great source, for example via Gigs or Live!.
Larry GoodeAuthor Commented:
For the most part my operations are remote, however if a server crashes, etc... I would need coverage. ideally it would be nice to have someone available to handle the password resets and new application installs while I'm away. I just can't hire someone.
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ArneLoviusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some larger managed service providers might be able to offer you "holiday" cover, but it might be simpler to make friends with a local "competitor" to cover each others holidays,

I would go probably go with hiring a contractor, but pairing up with somebody else in the vicinity might be a lot easier, and provide more opportunities for both of you.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then probably Gigs would be a good option. For visits to sites one would have to know your location.
Larry GoodeAuthor Commented:
I hear ya about EE gigs, but am looking for someone or a company that can cover remote operations and the occasional onsite job. Unfortunately it looks like I need to hire someone which is what I do not want to do.
if you can;t hire, then partner
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