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How do I design a Delphi Form in Full Screen

Good day.

My aim to to design a form similar to the one in the attached image. My problem is that i would like to place forms all over the form but i am unable to do this bacuse my design time form is not as big as the run time maximised form. Is there any solution to this that will allow me to design my GUI using the enitire form, or atleast be able to place components properly on the form.

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Shanah Jr Suping

8/22/2022 - Mon
Geert G

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Shanah Jr Suping

Thank you very much. i will have a very long look at this. When i am done scrutinising it, i will let you know what conclusions i have come to.
Shanah Jr Suping

Hello. May you kindly perhaps send me your program. Maybe upload it onto Dropbox and send me the download link. I would appreciate this greatly.
Geert G

the trick is to use Panels as containers
You can place other components within such a container.
In the IDE: select the component you want to be a container : Panel1 for example
Then Hit F6 and choose another component
> That component will be placed inside Panel1

If you change the alignment of panel1, the controls inside it will also be moved

to find a parent of the component: click the component, hit Esc
> the IDE will then select the parent of that component
After a few of those layers, that's a very handy trick

And if you're lost in that structure: Shift-Alt-F11 to see the structure of your dfm

if you forgot to add a panels ...
First add it, select it, Hit Ctrl-X to delete it again
find the container you want it in (using Escape or the Structure window)
Past the panel in the form again
Then select the components you want in that panel (using Shift+Click to select multiple)
Hit Ctrl-X, select the new Panel, Hit Ctrl-V

Structure window
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Shanah Jr Suping

Thank you very much for all of this but i do not yet see how this will enable my program to be full screen.  Im sorry for my ignorance but i am a super beginner at Delphi. programming as a whole too.
Geert G

full screen ...
actually you need to design it to the minimum size screen you will support
this is usually 1024/768

if you want to start your app in Maximized state : set the form property WindowState to wsMaximized
and set Visible back to True if it changes

with that other app, the right pane will be able to hold more items
the left pane will stay equal width, but this can be changed using the splitter
Shanah Jr Suping

aligning works very well and has helped me solve my problem.
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