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Good afternoon all.

Years ago I use to use Microsoft Frontpage to deliver documentation for Windows Servers and Networking for client. I liked it because I could build a tree structure and it will automatically build the navigation menus so clients could drill down into the detail they required.

The other key part for me was the ability to have a bitmap of a drawing and create hotspots on it. For example,. you click on a router within a network diagram and it will drill down to a page about the router.
I've been looking for a modern alternative for quite some while now but everything appears to be Wikibased (I.e. Unstructured searching) and I can't find a product that allows me to do hotspots on pictures or drawings. I have looked as Visio as an option and exporting to a PDF or HTTP file but it dosent give me the ability to create a tree structure or navigation except manually which is difficult to achieve.

I am not or have any interest in being a website developer which was why Frontpage suited me so well. Anyone with any ideas of a modern alternative.

FYI - its needs to be a non-hosted solution due to the sensitivity of the data and preferable Mac compatible.

Many Thanks
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The obvious replacement would be Adobe Dreamweaver, as it's a WYSIWYG HTML editor.
Fully Mac compatible and available as a subscription.

But it's a lot more powerful and thus more complicated than Frontpage.

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