SQL 2012 replication monitoring showing that it is running, but actually replication not happening


We are currently having an issue with SQL replication, we have source database replication has been setup to a another database.
It is transaction replication, it was running with a AD account, recently the user has left the organization, and replication has been stopped.

Later on we fix the user issue by adding a service account on it, it has started the process and after few time the replication has been stopped. but Spotlight and SQL replication monitor show the replication happening.

But actual data table does not sync with new data from the source.

is anyone had the problem like this or any help to resolve this?
ken hanseAsked:
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Sometimes security settings are very picky, yet don't fail any kind of validation checks. I
Read this https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms151868(v=sql.105).aspx
And found it quite helpful

Try following through the list of permissions very meticulously. I think it could be an issue with the account that the log reader agent was running under.
Marten RuneSQL Expert/Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Does the serviceaccount have proper rights in the databases and instances?
ken hanseAuthor Commented:
thanks for the post, all the tips were helped.
Valid recommendations and author said he got the solutions from the comments
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