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Reformating a Date within a String

I have a very unique request to reformat a date that is within a string.

<RequestedDate Type="DeliverOn">9/12/2016</RequestedDate>

Needs to read: <RequestedDate Type="DeliverOn">2016-09--12</RequestedDate>

It is a dynamic date..  My thought was something like grabbing the data between >< to work with it.
- data between > and first /  = month and has to be in a "MM" fomat with leading 0 < 10
- data between first / and second /  = day and needs to be "DD" format with leading 0 < 10
- data between second / and <  = year in "YYYY" format

last concatenate   year&"-"&month&"-"&day      Resulting in a format of  YYYY-MM-DD

Is this possible to grab the specific values from the string and name them so they can be used in a concatenation/reformat of the string?

It is not possible to reformat prior to string, because when the .xml is generated it chg's the format on me.  Any idea's?
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