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Microsoft Access query

I need this query to have the impound date always be greater than current date.  e.g. todays date is 9/9, so the impound date should be equal or greater than 8/9.

SELECT SoftSlips.SoftSlip, Species.Species, Breeds.Breed, SoftSlips.ColorNu, SoftSlips.OriginalName, SoftSlips.ImpoundCode, SoftSlips.Availability, SoftSlips.ImpoundDate, SoftSlips.Intake, SoftSlips.Weight, SoftSlips.Action, Placements.Kennel, Placements.PlacementDate, Placements.PlacementEndDate
FROM (Species INNER JOIN Breeds ON Species.SpeciesID = Breeds.SpeciesID) INNER JOIN (SoftSlips INNER JOIN qryLastPLacement AS Placements ON SoftSlips.SoftSlip = Placements.SoftSlip) ON (Species.SpeciesID = SoftSlips.SpeciesID) AND (Breeds.BreedID = SoftSlips.BreedID)
WHERE (((SoftSlips.ImpoundCode) Not In ("acord","acosd","ocsd","ocrd","rtn")) AND ((SoftSlips.ImpoundDate)>#8/1/2016#) AND ((SoftSlips.Intake)="south bay") AND ((SoftSlips.Weight) Is Null) AND ((SoftSlips.Action) Is Null))
ORDER BY Species.Species, SoftSlips.Intake;
Microsoft Access

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