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Reserved Blank Space in SQL delimited query

In my delimited query, I have certain fields that need to be reserved as a space.
Can I use '',1 to indicate a space of 1?

Or is there another way to correctly write it?
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Sean Stuber

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Sean Stuber

or, depending on your database you could try something like chr(32)  to embed a space character
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Thanks for the assist.
I will have other questions regarding oracle delimited queries.
Would love your help.
Some databases also support SPACE(x) which will generate a string of x spaces, so SPACE(1) would also work.  However, if you simply need a single space, then ' ' is the easiest to type and understand.
If your questions are about Oracle, then I recommend adding the Oracle Topic Area to your future questions.

You'll get a little wider audience and, more importantly, give the participants some extra information about which suggestions to make since different databases have different SQL syntax functionality.