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Modular Structure of Program.

I have been asked to describe the modular Structure of my program that I am creating. I have no idea what I am being asked to do. Could someone please help me with this?
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Geert G
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In addition to Geert Gruwez's explanation, you can use to create UML diagram.
It's really powerful tool. Check Manual before using.
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Geert Gruwez. Really like the answer you have given me. I have attatched an excerpt of the instructions given to me. I would really appreciate if you could explain what they want me to do. Thank you soo much in adavnce.
not neccessarily a duplicate, but all will be related to this school project

Shanah Jr Suping
it would be much better to spend your time learning googling for those items
your googlefu will be much better after some time
it just takes practice, little grasshopper !