Avast install stuck on virtual machine

I am using VMware and have Windows 10 running as a virtual machine. It is a copy of my main system, not a fresh install.
I have no anti virus on my VM so I tried to install AVAST free edition.
Issue is = the install process is stuck at the first step; I see the pop up window attached; it is there all the time and won't go to the next step, even after 1h waiting...
Is there any specific issue with AV installation on a virtual machine? I tried to install another software (VLC player) and It went well...
Jean-Christophe GALLANDKorea R&D DirectorAsked:
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btanConnect With a Mentor Exec ConsultantCommented:
Avast free AV has minimal req which I am supecting it may be detecting the below including internet connection - https://www.avast.com/faq.php?article=AVKB44#idt_100
- Windows 10 except Mobile and IoT Core Edition (32 or 64-bit);
- 256 MB RAM or above; 2 GB free space on the hard disk
- Internet connection (to download, activate and maintain updates of the program and antivirus database)
- Using Microsoft Windows operating systems without the latest Service Pack may not be supported.

There are other mentioned to disable defender
- http://windowsreport.com/windows-10-prevents-antivirus-install/
So far other has stated the below as compatible AV tested
Here’s the list of all ‘approved for Windows 10’ security programs created by AV-Comparatives:

Avast Free Antivirus 10.3.2223
AVG Internet Security 2015.0.6110
Avira Antivirus Pro
Bitdefender Internet Security
BullGuard Internet Security 15.1.307
Emsisoft Anti-Malware
ESET Smart Security 8.0.319.0
Fortinet FortiClient
F-Secure Internet Security 15.3
Kaspersky Internet Security
Panda Free Antivirus
Quick Heal Total Security 16.00 (
Sophos Enpoint Security and Control
Tencent PC Manager 10.11.25856.501
ThreatTrack VIPRE Internet Security
Trend Micro Internet Security 10.0.1150

If all did not seems to progress, then suggest uninstall (use Avast uninstall tool) and do last try. If still stuck then suggest try other AV (see above-mentioned list) to see if this is common to other AVs.
Ned RamsayConnect With a Mentor Network Operations ManagerCommented:
Avast can be pretty funny when installing.
If you are using Win10 I recommend using the built in Windows Defender as Microsoft have really made some big improvements.

I have also seen cheaper Antivirus try and remove "Vmware Tools" and other required VM software, so that may be part of it.
Khalid Mahmoud R. AbbasEng.Commented:
Ok, sounds nice. Then I found several problem reports from users about this NG thing. For example, avast deleting users VirtualBox hard drives (in certain situation), NG process/service using max CPU for long period of times (sounded to me that those weren't normal "NG building up" CPU cycles), and finally what prompted me to write this topic: solution for system protection to 50% of hard drive with avast?.

For me too the System Protection was/is set to 50% when NG is enabled. That's about 220GB of space of my hard drive. Of course it's _max_ value, if available, which I don't have by the way.

I started watching the amount used for System Protection, aka System Restore. Now for few weeks (I've not rebooted, I use sleep mode) the "current usage" has been going from 0GB to about 16-20GB. The way the value behaves is that when it goes to about 16-20GB, next it is back to 0GB and starts growing until the 16-20GB and it goes to zero again. This cycle repeats itself over and over. FYI, I've had more space available when the value has gone to zero, not ~220GB but plenty more than ~20GB.

The negative thing about this? Well, every time when System Protection goes to 0GB, ALL your restore points are GONE. ALL.

I've seen the "current usage" going from 0 to the about 16-20GB and back to zero in 1-2 days. So, this renders the Windows System Protection totally useless.

I don't understand who in Avast thought that this is a good thing.

Incidentally just before I upgraded to the 2015 version and NG, I happened to check the system protection restore points (I was checking it for another thing) and there were many older restore points available. Few days using 2015 and NG, after I stumbled to the "system protection to 50%" topic I checked the settings and at the same time noticed that ALL of my restore points were gone.

Additionally it definitely was affecting normal use of Windows by slowing things down more even with a fairly powerful pc.

It's "uninstall NG time" I'm afraid. Back to using only File system shield.. that's all you need.
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