Looking for recommendations for a suitable RADIUS server

I am looking for a RADIUS server, but I have some quite specific requirements.

1. Ideally Windows based, we only have Windows Servers / Skills, and don;t really have the time to learn Linux.

2. Simple to install, and easy to maintain.

3. Must have an API or Web service, that I can use for remote applications to create user accounts.  I have seen a few RADIUS Client APIs, but they all seem to be around creating sessions and gaining end user access, I am looking for one that allows me to use a hotel system to create user accounts for the hotel guests to use.

4. Must work with Mikrotik, or similarly RADIUS enabled, Routers.

Any and all suggestions welcomed.

Many thanks.
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FreeRADIUS has lots of open source addons but really FreeRADIUS itself runs on Unix/Linux.  There is a Windows-based port but I don't know if it's current so it may have vulnerabilities.

As for APIs, you may need a custom API to do what you want.  Cisco ISE supports API interaction and so does FreeRADIUS, although it's less-documented.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
it seems the certain choice is Microsoft Internet Authentication Service (IAS), a component of Windows Server operating systems that provides centralized user authentication, authorisation and accounting.

per my understanding, IAS meets your requirements 1 to 3. for the 4th one, it should be compatible with Mikrotik, but I never tried it myself.
townsmaAuthor Commented:
Hi Bing,  IAS does not exist anymore, I think Server 2003 was the last server to include it.  They have NPS now, but I am not sure that works as a pure RADIUS Server, it seems to do a lot more, but for LAN environment, not across on the Internet.

But I will certainly dig deeper into it to see if it does what I need.

Many thanks
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bbaoConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
you were correct. NPS officially replaced IAS in W2K8, but for me IAS is always the word in my mind when referring to MS version of RADIUS. actually even MS itself still uses "IAS" in its Windows 2012 documents, e.g. here.

technically NPS fully replaces IAS, and works the same way as a standard RADIUS. therefore my comments from 1 to 4 still apply.

also be aware that Windows 2012 Foundation and Essentials versions only support up to 50 IAS connections, you need to work out your concurrent limit per your hotel need. the limits does not apply to its standard and datacentre versions.
townsmaAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the follow up.  We will need substantially more than 50 connections. One of our small hotels frequently has over 300 connections.

Best regards
aamodtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NPS works fine on a windows server. using it for a customer with 10,000+ employees.
But also Cisco ACS is a good choice.
Craig BeckCommented:
NPS is a RADIUS server component of the Windows server.  It only does RADIUS.  You can't do user admin or account creation via NPS though, so you'd need to create a web front-end that interacts with either AD or the local user database on a standalone NPS server that isn't joined to a domain.
townsmaAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the advice, but as previously mentioned, I need an API interface of some kind to allow me to create and remove accounts automatically from our PMS system.  We have too many accounts changing everyday to make this a manual process of any kind.
Craig BeckCommented:
This is the problem.  There's no Windows-based RADIUS server (at least that I know of, and I deal with pretty much all flavours of RADIUS) that can do what you need.  You'd need to look at a unix-based distro such as FreeRADIUS or Cisco ISE.
townsmaAuthor Commented:
Do either of these distro have an api that allows me to create accounts from a windows application?
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