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http redirect does not work after renewal of certificate for Exchange 2010 web server.

nav2567 asked
We have recently renew the SSL certificate for our Exchange 2010 web server.  

The only issue right now is that when people do a http://mail.mydomain.com, it does not auto redirect to https://mail.mydomain.com.

Before renewal of the cert, http://mail.mydomain.com worked.  

Please advise where I should look at.

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Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010
Check the HTTP redirect settings in IIS for the OWA virtual site. That's where the redirect is configured. If you run updates on Exchange or reset the virtual site you have to reconfigure the redirect because Exchange completely recreates the IIS Virtual site.
Sr. Systems Administrator
Look in IIS and make sure you have attached your renewed certificate to the Virtual Directories properly.


Failing that, make sure your redirect in IIS did not reset when you assigned services to SSL in the EMS console:


I have already checked the HTTP Redirect setting of the default web site on the HUB/CAS server and "Redirect requests to this destination" is checked and the field is "https://mail.mydomain.com/owa".  The "Only redirect requests to content in this directory not sub directories" is checked and status code is Found (302).
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Please reset IIS and try.
iisreset /noforce

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MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept Head
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I believe this can be closed as we have explained how to check and reconfigure the certificate.