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SQL Date from a string

Posted on 2016-09-12
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2016-09-13
Hello EE, I have a column field in a table called "Instruction Text"

inside, users are puting text and a date such as :

Date job for November 18 BlaBlaBla

I know its not the right way to do things, dont worry, but until this get fix, I need a way to be able to search this field and do a where clause with BETWEEN Dates to search and get results.

for example WHERE (do stuffhere) >= date1    

I know we could do a LIKE and get date as a string but I need the user to be able to search either FROM DATE  OR  TO DATE

in other words, the user could enter only a from date and not a TO Date (so we cannot use Between)
or vice versa....

can you help me?

i know what you are going to say, if text is like this " OCTOBER20"  without space it will not work, well thats the user problem. they have a shitty system its not our problem.
Question by:PhilippeRenaud
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Expert Comment

ID: 41795089
Sorry to say things are a bit confusing as you say "I need a way to be able to search this field and do a where clause with BETWEEN Dates to search and get results." but then in brackets - " (so we cannot use Between)'" - so are you allowed to use between or not?

And what about the Year? as from "OCTOBER 20" to "November 18" could be a lot of data for many years if the system was operational for long time that is not even sure you want it deleted right?
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Accepted Solution

Scott Pletcher earned 2000 total points
ID: 41795112
I've used CROSS APPLYs to simplify the SELECT columns.  I assume you're looking for current date forward, but that part can be added/adjusted later if the part below works OK for you:

    [instruction Text],
    CASE WHEN month_b_start < month_a_start
        THEN SUBSTRING([instruction Text], month_b_start, month_b_len + 3)
        ELSE SUBSTRING([instruction Text], month_a_start, month_a_len + 3)
        END AS start_date,
    CASE WHEN month_b_start < month_a_start
        THEN SUBSTRING([instruction Text], month_a_start, month_a_len + 3)
        ELSE SUBSTRING([instruction Text], month_b_start, month_b_len + 3)
        END AS end_date        
    VALUES('DATE JOB FOR OCTOBER 20 BlaBlaBla'),('Date job for November 18 BlaBlaBla'),
          ('DATE JOB FOR December 1 thru January 23')
) AS test_data([instruction Text])
         70000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('January', [instruction Text]), 0),
         80000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('February', [instruction Text]), 0),
         50000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('March', [instruction Text]), 0),
         50000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('April', [instruction Text]), 0),
         30000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('May', [instruction Text]), 0),
         40000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('June', [instruction Text]), 0),
         40000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('July', [instruction Text]), 0),
         60000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('August', [instruction Text]), 0),
         90000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('September', [instruction Text]), 0),
         70000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('October', [instruction Text]), 0),
         80000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('November', [instruction Text]), 0),
         80000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('December', [instruction Text]), 0)
        ) AS month_len_and_start_a
) AS ca1
    SELECT STUFF([instruction Text], month_len_and_start_a % 10000, 3, '') AS instruction_text2
) AS ca2
         70000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('January', instruction_text2), 0),
         80000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('February', instruction_text2), 0),
         50000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('March', instruction_text2), 0),
         50000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('April', instruction_text2), 0),
         30000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('May', instruction_text2), 0),
         40000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('June', instruction_text2), 0),
         40000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('July', instruction_text2), 0),
         60000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('August', instruction_text2), 0),
         90000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('September', instruction_text2), 0),
         70000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('October', instruction_text2), 0),
         80000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('November', instruction_text2), 0),
         80000 + NULLIF(CHARINDEX('December', instruction_text2), 0)
        ) AS month_len_and_start_b
) AS ca3
    SELECT month_len_and_start_a / 10000 AS month_a_len,
        month_len_and_start_a % 10000 AS month_a_start,
        month_len_and_start_b / 10000 AS month_b_len,
        month_len_and_start_b % 10000 AS month_b_start
) AS ca4

Author Comment

ID: 41795114
Icohan, sorry,

i can use between, its just that user wont be able to search only with a "from" but its not the end of the world

Author Comment

ID: 41795116
Scott, i will try your code tonight, thanks alot

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