Conundrum - Excel Concatenate values based on Similar data in column [A]

Hello Experts,

Any help welcomed as totally stumped on this Exc el conundrum.

I'm trying to concatenate values from the Details tab into [Column H] values of  [Column A]

For instance, if you filter by "CA002-2-LAN-LC2", then all values in [Column H] are concatenated into in Column H] of tab "Tracking".

Thank you,
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Martin LissConnect With a Mentor Older than dirtCommented:
Why is the concatenation format different? In other words why in one case do you have "4 x 3850 and 3 x 6807" (x and "and") and in the other "4 3850 , 3  6807" (no x and comma)?
Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Also since you say in the workbook that it's "PO-BASED", why does the concatenation for the 345458745 PO in the Tracking sheet show 6807 which seems to be associated with the 345458749 PO?
AyansaneAuthor Commented:
Hi Martin,

Please disregard that PO comment.  The logic seems to be a bit unclear.
I still need help with it using Excel Formula as opposed to VB...which is good, but rather no VB..

Must have been a typo, but, it should be {4 3850, 3  6807}.   It concatenates Col H and Col I from the "Details tab" into the Col H of the "racking tab"...for every matches.
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Martin LissOlder than dirtCommented:
Are the "matches" you want based on Initiative ID and Order Type? Those seem to be two of the things that 3850 and 6807 have in common.
Karen FalandaysConnect With a Mentor Training SpecialistCommented:
Hi Ayansane,
What is it that you are trying to accomplish? What is the unique identifier...In other words, how is Excel to know which records' fields to concatenate?
There may be an easier way to accomplish this with a Pivot  table or another tool

Have a look at the attached with a pivot table to provide your data summary
AyansaneAuthor Commented:
Hi kfalandays,

Thanks much for the update.  Looking at your file now.  Thx.
AyansaneAuthor Commented:
Thx fellas...
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