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Pass Parameters from a Date Range Form to a Report


I have a frmDateRange and have 2 fields:  txtDateFrom and txtDateTo
I have a button on frmDateRange that opens rptAvailable.
In the rptAvailable record source, the query parameters refer to the form's values as found in frmDateRange.txtDateFrom and frmDateRange.txtDateTo.
(ie: >=[forms]![frmDateRange]![txtDateFrom] And <[forms]![frmDateRange]![txtDateTo]+1 And Is Not Null)

I know it is better to pass the date ranges via the button on the form i/o loading the criteria into the report via a parameter query.

How can I load the criteria and open the report by way of the button on the frmDateRange?

following is what I think you might need:

Thank you
let me know if you need something else

here is the frmDateRange:
Microsoft Access

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