Calendar grayed out when adding new event on OWA on MAC


I have a few MAC users in our organization who need to use OWA to access their email. Users are reporting an issue in which the entire calendar grays out when attempting to add a new event. We are currently using exchange 2013.

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.

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zito2000Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Just confirmed, the user is able to add an event using Chrome.
Tim LapinConnect With a Mentor Computer Consultant (Desktop analyst)Commented:
I just tested my own system (El Capitan, latest patch) using Chrome.  I had no issues adding an event to my personal calendar.

Is the calendar their own personal calendar or shared?

If shared, is one of them the owner?  If shared but none of them is the owner, is it a "resource" calendar, like a room booking calendar for instance?
zito2000Author Commented:
It is thier own personal calendar on OWA. It is not a public calendar. It is a problem for all MAC users, including my account which is a domain admin account. It work fine on a windows PC.

I tested it with safari AND firefox. Same problem on the MACs.
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Tim LapinConnect With a Mentor Computer Consultant (Desktop analyst)Commented:
I just tested:
-  Safari (latest version):   no issues with calendar event creation
-  Firefox (48.0.2 - latest version):   no issues with calendar event creation

Based on the above, I doubt it's a browser issue but to be on the safe side, have you tried Chrome?

Which version of the O/S do they have and is it up to date?

Finally, is there a way for one of them to at least test a full calendaring client (Outlook, Apple Calendar, ...) to see if there is a browser based issue that is not immediately apparent?
zito2000Author Commented:
Here are the versions from above:

MAC OS 10.11.3
safari 9.0.3
firefox 48.0.1

I tested the users OWA calendar from a PC and it worked in chrome/IE, but not in firefox.

I am having him trying to add an appointment from his MAC in Chrome.
Tim LapinConnect With a Mentor Computer Consultant (Desktop analyst)Commented:
Good to know.  Keep us posted on the results.

However, if you are seeing browser issues on a PC (you mentioned it failed using Firefox) then there are other things at work here than simple Mac/PC compatibility.   Perhaps there is an issue with:
-   the server setup
-   their account setup
-   the network setup

Again, is it possible to have them try a full fledged calendaring client to compare the results?
Tim LapinComputer Consultant (Desktop analyst)Commented:
Great news!  

Glad to have helped.
Tim LapinComputer Consultant (Desktop analyst)Commented:
Zero points?
zito2000Author Commented:
I think I gave you ponits... not sure how to do it. I don't user Experts Exchange enough
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