vmware cert

If we already have a wildcard cert *.domain.local or * domain.com

How do you place this in vmware so it uses correctly.
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MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
Ok you can follow steps in below article if you are running with esxi 5.1 or 5.5

If you are running esxi 5.0, follow steps in below article
If you already have SSL certificate like host.domain.com or host.domain.local on windows server or you can simply generate one SSL cert on windows server from AD integrated CA and then you can export it in .pfx format and then follow steps from 4 to 19 in above article

You mat try wildcard certificate, its not officially supported, i have not tried it

MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
I don't think that certificate you can use because after domain joining process, ESX would not change its hostname to hostname.domain.com like windows machines

you need to generate new cert with esxi hostname from CA  and need to install it on esx
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IndyrbAuthor Commented:
So if esxi has domain suffix = domain.com
but its also in somedomain.local

Can you give the proper steps on getting the cert on the esxi server.
And has anyone tried the wildcard cert?
IndyrbAuthor Commented:
Further more if adding ESXi to an Active Directory domain somedomain.local  and it has the suffix of domain.com, how will that work.
MaheshConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
in order to certificate work with names like host.domain.com or host.domain.local you have to have host(a) record in dns in respective zones pointing to esx server IP address

The system from where you connect to esx will look what fqdn you are using to connect esx box is matching to certiifcate or not, thats all
IndyrbAuthor Commented:
what about esxi version 6+
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
VMware do not support wildcard certificate.
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