buying a domain

Hi, clients want to buy It's listed as available for $3,994.00.

They want to know if it's possible to talk to the owner, see if they can talk him down. Is there any way to find out who the owner is? I assume it's some large company that owns a billion domains and they can wait forever for this to sell.

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Put it in the search box at a

Looks like you need to contact NameBright,

(exactly what rindi is saying)
The registration authority usually has details on who the owner is, and then you can go and contact them.
mel200Author Commented:
Yes, I already did that. thanks. Nothing more, hey?
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
All alternative extensions are available, so if the clients are patient, I'd buy:

This lets you bring up the web site with every popular alternative extension pointing to it.   Then the .com becomes less useful, and in a couple of years the owner may be willing to negotiate.

(The ".fish" extension looks like a good one for this situation.)
mel200Author Commented:
Thanks! I had looked into .fishing, but these are great.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Then the .com becomes less useful
That is not necessarily true.
If the ***.net (or whatever) becomes popular and attracts a lot of traffic, the .com gains value.

If ***.net is just a brochure website with local traffic the .com may diminish in value (i.e. usefulness to advertisers)
I just looked, and it's now priced at $3,195.   It's already down $800 since yesterday!  At this rate, you'll be able to buy it for peanuts in a week.  :-)
mel200Author Commented:
lol, thanks! I'll keep looking now.
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
Hello mel200 - As well as endorsing (thumbs up) good comments, you should mark them as assisted solutions.

Doing so, will distribute the points fairly.
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