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Can a subdomain in "Domain A" point to a site in another domain? I've never had to do anything like this before

Dave Denoy
Dave Denoy asked
We have a web app in Azure (projects.azurewebsites.net) and I've received a request to create a subdomain in our "company_name".com domain that points to the Azure location. Is that doable?
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Principal Software Engineer
Yes.  If your domain name is "company_name.com" and the desired "subdomain" is "azuresite":

Add an "A" record for "azuresite.company_name.com" to the DNS records at the DNS server for your domain.
bbaoIT Consultant

YES, as soon as the connection from your LAN to your subnet in Azure is established, by VPN or direct access depending your app's way.
Dave DenoyAssociate IT


Thank you. There were some additional parameters in the Azure configuration that had to be imput.