SBS2011 server password problem

samcory used Ask the Experts™
Please can someone help we though we had a security breach on our SBS2011 server so after doing various tests and scans we then changed the Administrator password.

This password was too complex so we tried to change it again, but this time the server kept coming back that we had not met the lenfth and complexity requirements
(which all we tried were over 8 characters long and contained an uppercase letter, a number and a #)

We then turned off password length and complexity and we are still getting the same message!!
Any help please
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Hi Samcory could you snip the error ? have you consider honeypot ?
Check the password age requirements, if the min age is set to 1 day you can't change it twice the same day.


No I dont think thats the problem
When I go into the group policy security this is what it says
Enforce pw history - not defined
max pw age            - not defined
min pw age             - not defined
min pw length       -  8
pw must meet complexity requirements - disabled
store pw using reversible encryption -        disabled
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Have you rebooted/run a gpupdate /force since making this change?


no, should I?
Try a gpupdate /force first, a reboot shouldn't be necessary but good to rule it out!


did that, still cant change password.
Will reboot tonight.
Just to confirm, what Group Policy are you changing? Have you checked the SBS password policy as well as the Default Domain policy?
If you enter this in a cmd prompt:
gpresult /h gpresult.html

Then type in:

This may give you an indicaton


change done in:
Group policy management editor -domain policy
windows settings
security settings
account policy
password policy
Have you checked all the other GPOs, like the SBS password policy mentioned before?


all entries in
Windows SBS CSE Policy - windows settings- security -account policy  - password         are not defined
WINDows SBS user policy  as above -not defined
same for Default domain controller policy
Ok great, as long as you've checked Computer Configuration you should be good.

Try the reboot and let us know.


Thanks Harryhelp the reboot worked

Glad to hear it!

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