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Why can't I get the location information for the app: "Movies & tv" in Windows 10 latest updates?

Why can't I get the location information for the app: "Movies & tv"  in Windows 10 within task manager when I right click and select find file location this comes up with many security errors even when task manager is run as Administrator?

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Does it work for other apps, edge for example?
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Yes it works for Edge but not "Movies & tv". Again why???
Wouldn't be the only bug in 10.
Not very helpful !!!
Robert, this issue happens for me, too, and I looked at different angles, I started task scheduler elevated or as system account (psexec -s -i taskmgr.exe). The latter 2 cases, when trying to get the location, nothing even happened, no error message, no explorer window. So this might be what I suppose it to be, a bug.

I was in waiting for others to comment, so please don't be that strict with my comment.
Sorry - I just meant the comment was not very constructive that was all I meant.
Yes Windows 10 has many bugs but so does Android marshmallows and other Operating Systems.
I just found out that Windows 10 has a latest version   1607 but not always  obtained via online update automatically.

e.g. I had to go to a Microsoft  download site to get the Windows 10 1607 version to download and install  - Microsoft not straight forward!!!
This basically waiting on a valid response like - I understand this is the way things in windows 10 build 1607 should be security wise
No this a logged bug in windows 10 pro build 1607 and if applicable all windows 10 builds
As I confirmed it, it is no defect on your system.
As I tried it with the system account and no error message at all came, it is definitely badly programmed if not even a bug. In any case, you cannot do anything about it but to report it to microsoft. Use the feedback tool and/or the technet forums like
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