Adding storage to failovercluster hosted by virtual machine (hyperv)

Kamal Khaleefa
Kamal Khaleefa used Ask the Experts™
I am using two virtaul machine hosted on two hyperv hosts
Configured with failover cluster for FileServer HA role
I am facing problem adding the storage disks to the cluster
Storage type dell md3800 series it should be supported by windows 2012r2
error incorrect function 0x60070001
failed to bring resource online die to monitor service
Any suggestion
I installed MD latest software
Hdd connected with iscsi to vm's
Tried to try it on one node only (remove other node from cluster)
Getting same error
Any help
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if you have presented any specific storage disk to only specific nodes, then all nodes will not have storage installed

You need to present new disks to all nodes or need to remove unwanted disks from failover cluster because 2012 and above failover cluster by default try to add all available disks to cluster except system/boot/page dive

check below KB
kevinhsiehNetwork Engineer

[edit: I misread your question. I thought you needed to expand storage. Sounds like you are doing initial installation]
Did you expand the LUN(s) on the MD3800?

Once the LUNs are expanded, use diskpart.exe on the VM that hold the active failover role to expand the partition. syntax goes a bit like this.

list disk
select disk x
list part
select part y (usually 1 for MBR disks and 2 for GPT disks)
list disk (should show no free space on the disk now)

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