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IDES Install SAP ERP 6.0 with EHP7 how can get the right media for instillation

Hi SAP experts

i want to learn SAP and i want to install Demo system,

my first challenge how to get the right media from SAP site

i do not know but i think i have to get

1- oracle 12c data base for windows server x64
2- oracle patches  
3-  SAP Kernel 7.41 Windows Server on x64 64bit
5- i do not  know what else ...

so i went to  Support Packages and Patches

then by category

then SAP application components

then SAp ERP

then SAP ERP 6.0


then select which OS  and which DB

i dont know if this the right path

when i check the installation guide dose not give specific inflammations about media list for every version and what component i have to get

my problem i want to get the all needed media before i start to follow the instillation guide  

i found this online but i want to use oracle


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