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Access a delegate's Exchange calendar on an iPad

I have a user who has been granted delegate calendar access of another user's Exchange calendar. Obviously in Outlook on her PC, she can see his calendar just fine.

But we would like her to be able to also access the delegate calendar from her iPad. and I'm a bit stumped how to go about that without adding the delegate user's entire account to her iPad, which isn't going to be a feasible solution.

Any ideas how I can go about this?
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OWA from browser.
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I pulled up OWA on her iPad, but the only calendar it showed was her own calendar, no shared calendars. Is this a view setting issue possibly?
Once in OWA you have to select open calendar or open another mailbox.
Something is weird with this user's OWA. It's not showing the same "People's Calendars" section that other users' OWA shows. Please see screenshot. Any ideas why this user's display is different?
The Safari browser is forced to use the OWA Light version.  Unfortunately, that is a limitation of Exchange 2007.  I don't believe what you are wanting to do is possible with the version of Exchange that mailbox is hosted on and Safari.  Only IE allows the full OWA version with Exchange 2007 because Chrome and Firefox have the same OWA limitations as Safari.

Considering that Exchange 2007 will no longer be supported starting in April 2017, it is time to start planning a transition to Exchange 2013 or migration to Exchange Online.
That's not quite accurate. When I log into OWA Chrome, it offers me a check box to use the light version if I want. Same with Safari. If I choose the full version it gives me the full version. On that same machine, it will only give this other user the light version. So this is not an issue with the browser.
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It's not the browser. I can get the full version when I log into my account.

Also, we're on Exchange 2010, not 2007, if that makes a difference.
My mistake.  The screenshot you provided is exactly like the 2007 version of OWA.  However, it is the OWA Light version of 2010.  That is why I was confused.

With the Exchange 2010 OWA full version, however, you can click on the user name in the top right corner to open another mailbox.  In the light version, that is not possible.

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Right, that is what I'd like to do. The problem is that this user's mailbox keeps reverting to the Light version, seemingly for no reason.
If you tested a theory and made an attempt to access OWA from a desktop browser (instead of from the iPad), is the experience the same?
OK, so here's where I'm at now. She had the Accessibility button checked, which defaulted her to the light version of OWA no matter where she was logged in. I've turned that off. So on desktop, she now has full OWA. So that hurdle has been cleared.

But still on her iPad, with Chrome and Safari, it's still reverting to the light version of OWA. So what I need is a way to get to full OWA on her iPad, or some other way to access a shared calendar via the iPad.
Well, at this point, the user is going to print out the calendar onto paper, so I guess that's that.