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Posted on 2016-09-14
Last Modified: 2016-09-18
Hey there!

I'm currently working on a script which should prepare a xml-file for a import into a pdf-form.
Now I need to format some digits in the xml tags I defined.
The formatting part looks like this:
if( [int32]$_.innertext -lt 0) {$_.innertext = "(" + '{0;0,0}' -f [int32]$_.innertext + ")" } else { $_.innerText = '{0:0,0}' -f [int32]$_.innertex }

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Now I'm aiming for this result:
If in the xml Tag the number is 1000000 -> it should make 1'000'000 out of it
if its -1000000 it should make (1'000'000)  out of it.

Well, I'm kinda pretty close to a solution for it - on my machine.. my machine-culture is currently  set to en-US, so i get 1'000'000 and (-1'000'000) with these formatting. but. The script need to run an a de-CH (other number formatting than en-US!) machine.

Does anyone have a clue how to do this? Can't I define a "better" integer formatting?
I have a feeling the culture-settings are to deep into this.

Best Regards
Question by:rdkli
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Expert Comment

by:D Patel
ID: 41799269
Define culture object as below and then try :

$a = New-Object System.Globalization.CultureInfo("de-CH")

Author Comment

ID: 41799272
Yeah, thx, but I don't get the numbers formatted as i want to.

Can't I format just the integer value as i want to? how does it work?
LVL 85

Expert Comment

ID: 41799294
So you want this to be able to be run on a de-CH machine, while still being formatted according to en-US?
Then get the CultureInfo you want and pass it to ToString():
$CultureInfo = New-Object System.Globalization.CultureInfo('en-US')
$Data = (New-Object PSObject @{InnerText = '1000000'}), (New-Object PSObject @{InnerText = '-1000000'})

$Data | % {
	$_.InnerText = If ([int32]$_.InnerText -lt 0) {
		'(' + ([int32]$_.InnerText).ToString('n0', $CultureInfo) + ')'
	} Else {
		([int32]$_.InnerText).ToString('n0', $CultureInfo)


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Author Comment

ID: 41799372
Thanks for your input!
Well, first of all: is formatting like 1'000'000 and minuses (1'000'000) really american?
Because your input doesn't work like wanted.

Is there no possibilty to define it like
{$_.innertext = "(" + '{000'000:0,0}' -f [int32]$_.innertext + ")" *-1 }else {$_.innertext = '{000'000:0,0}' -f $_.innerText}

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that? mhh..

edited *-1 to it to eliminate the "-" in front of the number
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Accepted Solution

oBdA earned 400 total points (awarded by participants)
ID: 41799438
Default thousands separator in en-US is a comma.
But you can of course change the CultureInfo to your likings, and use a section separator to handle the negative format.
$CultureInfo = New-Object System.Globalization.CultureInfo('en-US')
$CultureInfo.NumberFormat.NumberGroupSeparator = "'"
$Data = (New-Object PSObject @{InnerText = '1000000'}), (New-Object PSObject @{InnerText = '-1000000'})

$Data | % {
	$_.InnerText = ([int32]$_.InnerText).ToString("#,##0;(#,##0)", $CultureInfo)


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Assisted Solution

Qlemo earned 100 total points (awarded by participants)
ID: 41799445
The apostrophe/tick as thousands separator is a swiss usus. Negative value representation in parens is originating from accounting.

Author Comment

ID: 41799704
Well okay, so I need a Swiss separator for positiv numbers and a accounting thing for negatives.

And with oBdA's suggestion it works as i wanted! Thank you very much. And thx for the very informative link!

/problem solved, lesson learned :)

Author Comment

ID: 41799705
See Post above

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