need rec's for prioritizing bandwidth for new voip system

looking to move to 8x8 or appia (or whoever once i get all the names down) to host our calls in their cloud based pbx systems.   we will only have 2 phones in the office.  

was told a simple internet line from cable company is all i need to provide and would suffice.  but going to talk to cable company about a low latency priority based connection to the office for good call quality (also going to check with at&t on what kind of line they could provide like that).  what kind of connection should i try to get?

once i choose my internet connection i need a good router/firewall that i can tell to prioritize traffic going to the 2 phones and not have the laptops, ipads, netflix, etc... steal bandwidth from phones.   i feel like i read there are specific firewalls for this, can anyone recommend something?
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What type of switch do you have?
coonastyAuthor Commented:
dont have a switch so need rec's on a switch as well.  

would have 2 phones, 2 computers, 1 printer plugged into it
Honestly, for an environment like that, it isn't even worth doing the VLANs as long as you have a solid connection, which I think you said was like 10 mbps? What do you do on the internet?

But if you absolutely want one, you could get a Trendnet if you are trying to be on a budget.
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coonastyAuthor Commented:
the workers pretty much stream netflix non-stop.  i have a security system that i can log into and stream video.  that would be the main users of bandwidth
Got it. What equipment do you have in place now? I am assuming just a router. Need brands and models.
coonastyAuthor Commented:
have a cisco router connected to pbx but not sure brand/model but cancelling at&t so im guessing they gonna take that cisco router back and wont need the pbx for new cloud hosted pbx.

getting comcast business line 50down and 10up.  also was told dont use vlan's.  just prioritize voip phones in whatever router i choose and all will run great?

btw, thanks for the help, really appreciate it.  im learning a lot as im going here :)
You can really do it either way. Normally, this could get into a whole discussion on QoS. However, with that type of circuit from Comcast and so few users, you really won't even need to bother with traffic prioritization. Might as well save you the headaches.
coonastyAuthor Commented:
so a plain ol' netgear nighthawk that i already own will work fine for what i'm doing?

i completely dont mind spending up to $1000 getting a decent router if i would notice an improvement...was told juniper makes good voip routers?
Yes, the Netgear would actually work.

I personally cannot speak for Juniper products, even though I've heard good things. The Cisco Small Business line works fine. Sonicwalls will work, but like I mentioned, their VoIP features were horrible last I checked. Watchguards I am not up to date on since it's been several years since I worked on them.

I'm also assuming all of your important data is stored in the cloud?
coonastyAuthor Commented:
company data is stored on an internal server not connected to same network as internet.

if i go with say 8x8 then yeah all phone related data is on their end in the cloud.  so on the comcast internet line/network would be 2 voip phones, one laptop, one amazon fire, and 1or 2 cell phones would prolly be connected
I would go with the Netgear. But if you need to have multiple subnets defined on the firewall itself, go with a SonicWall or equivalent product.

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coonastyAuthor Commented:
thx much for all the advice!!!
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