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need rec's for prioritizing bandwidth for new voip system

looking to move to 8x8 or appia (or whoever once i get all the names down) to host our calls in their cloud based pbx systems.   we will only have 2 phones in the office.  

was told a simple internet line from cable company is all i need to provide and would suffice.  but going to talk to cable company about a low latency priority based connection to the office for good call quality (also going to check with at&t on what kind of line they could provide like that).  what kind of connection should i try to get?

once i choose my internet connection i need a good router/firewall that i can tell to prioritize traffic going to the 2 phones and not have the laptops, ipads, netflix, etc... steal bandwidth from phones.   i feel like i read there are specific firewalls for this, can anyone recommend something?
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