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If i keep on clicking i want to see more than two options.

Hello Experts Exchange, I want to add more words to these code module. The code module show two words at this time, "" and "DONE" want to add "NOW"     "THEN"    and   "ZLAST" to the one that i currently have. So that when i keep on clicking on the button i would see ""  ,   "DONE",    "NOW",   "THEN",    "ZLAST". A total of five words, see one word every time i click on it. Thanks again Experts Exchange community for your help and time.

If UCase(Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "H")) = "DONE" Then
        Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "H") = ""
        Cells(ActiveCell.Row, "H") = "DONE"

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Microsoft ExcelVBAVB Script

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