Exchange-access 2nd emal account; cannot send receiving access error 0x8004010F

I need to setup an account that another user, will access via their outlook 2010 account.  I created the account and via EMC used Manage Full Access Permissions and Manage Send as Permission to add those permissions to the account to the account.

I can receive emails to the account.  I added the account to the outlook/email profile of account and it appears in the outlook 2010 account when opened.  I also see the email sent to in the Inbox.  If I reply to the email, it defaults the "From" account to the and it sends it out okay and puts it into the Sent Items folder for the email.

However, if I change the From to, it fails and I received the following error:  task "" Sending reported error 0x80040101F  Outlook data file cannot be accessed.

How do I (1) resolve this error.  Online searchs point to pop3/imap instead of exchange.  (2) How to I have the From account default to when I reply to an email from that account's inbox.
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Addy NadiaConnect With a Mentor ExpertCommented:
To set the default account of From to, then add the second mailbox as a Secondary mailbox, instead of auto mapping of mailbox or additional mailbox

steps to add the account as a Seconadry account
1. close outlook
2. control panel-mail-emial account and add the second account, itwill show you two accounts in email accounts, outlook and use the second account the same way as Primary account.

cwsoft05Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I had already deleted the initial 2nd account attempt.  This caused to original account to go away.  When I re-added the original account in a fashion similar to above, both were then available in online mode.  The error went away and both behaved properly as the From account and Sent items used respectively that are associated with each email.
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