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Exchange 2016 SPAM Filtering

Hi Experts,

Recently I setup an Exchange 2016 server with Edge Transport server. I configured the IP Block List Providers, and reject emails from Exchange hosted domain (eg. the domain hosted in exchange is myabc.com, I use Set-SenderFilterConfig to block myabc.com. Because internal emails shall be sent to server via SMTPS port 587). all settings are done in Edge Transport Server. However, I still can receive some SPAM mails.

I checked the sender IP from the Agent Log in Edge Transport server, the IP is in the blacklist of IP Block List Provider (eg. spamcop.net). But in the Agent Log, I can see it bypass the IP Block List Providers check up.

All emails' FROM are hosted domain (eg. @myabc.com), which I expect it shall be rejected by Sender Filter Config. However, it actually doesn't work.

I am not sure how these SPAM mails bypass the filters in Edge Transport server. What else shall I do to prevent it?
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