Windows 7 Update process' extremely long wait time

OK, this thread is opened to continue independently another closing thread close to this same topic -> .

Will come back to this soon with actual reports ...
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PeteVfiConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
OK, after doing quite a bit researching on this topic, maybe some 100 posts read here and there, also doing a practical case on it, have got seen many good hints/suggestions to resolve the problem, and now it's finally cleared on this particular single workgroup machine, great!

Anyway, so far I have not been able to test all the findings/suggestions, but did apply a few of them and got some positive progress step by step, maybe partly just by accident ...

Here you have a general summary and some details on the case:

- this Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 laptop was truly last updated Sep 2013
- since then all the time just some 100's of regular MSE Def. updates
- the WUA v7.6.7600.320 was updated on Aug 2014

- when beginning this huge Update process, didn't yet know what may come, so, first tried just regularly, noting on some first trials that anything will not happen still in 6-8hours, so let it then run as long as needed, overnight or so
- do not anymore remember what was the update setting in the beginning, anyway changed it to automatic
- also when learned that the machine did get in sleep, disabled the sleep/hibernate on power settings
- the MSE was on all the time
- after/between some trials applied the net stop/start bits/wuauserv and the ren SoDi/Downloads.old
- a note, that the svchost.exe PID xxx serving bits/wuauserv had CPU usage ab. 50% and memory high constant all way the update times

- round 0.  80 updates 11 hours succeeding
- round 1.  48 updates 12 hours all failing
- round 2.  38 updates 13 hours succeeding
- round 3.    8 updates 10 hours succeeding
- round 4.  13 updates 30 minutes! succeeding
- round 5.    1 updates  5 minutes succeeding
- round 6.    0 updates  1 minutes

- so, something strange happened during the round 3 with these -> KB3184122 KB3179573 KB3182373 KB3185911 KB3161102 KB3175024 KB3185319 KB3177186 , as the required time did drop dramatically

- suggestions by SuperUser magicandre1981 KB3161664 win32k.sys didn't seem to have any affect, and MSU WUC KB3102810 or KB3162605 were not tried
- suggestions by InfoWorld Woody  KB3153199 win32k.sys or KB3145739 or KB3139852 were not tried
- suggestions by PageStart JW Stuart KB3102810 or KB3112343 or KB3145739 were not tried neither found on the machine, and  KB3153199/KB3161664 win32k.sys commented above
- suggestions by EE J Hurst KB3102810 or KB949104 were not tried so far, but in a next case in few days

OK, eagerly waiting for some comments ... Have a nice Weekend!
andreasConnect With a Mentor System AdminCommented:
PeteVfiAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks Andreas, will dive in this during the weekend ...
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JohnConnect With a Mentor Business Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Make sure these two Microsoft updates have been installed:

KB3102810 may have been installed July or August Patch Tuesday, but DO install KB949104

Run Windows Updates and restart at the end.
PeteVfiAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks John for your hints, both are new for me, and do not either find them on this machine.

Will check them later on on another case, because this actual case is now already cleared. The report on it will follow soon.
I hate to be the only Conspiracy theorist here, but:

Are we sure this is all not just Microsoft putting a wrench into the works to force us to buy Windows 10?
PeteVfiAuthor Commented:
Yes, you may be on a right direction, but, no one can prove it ...

Already years-years ago, maybe Windows 2000/XP very late times and Windows XP/7 early times some client of mine threw me a joke, that MS probably has put the old OS updates " most far away on their servers' ", as it took several hours to get the updates for the old one, and since then I have been believing on something like that, heh-heh-heh ...

OK, may have nowadays something to do with the hundreds of millions Windows 10's and their very active update/upgrade policies, giving some higher priority or broader bandwidth or whatever for Windows 10 updates, so, the older ones can gladly wait ages for their turn, and then due to that hopefully got forced to be upgraded  to Windows 10 ...

P.S. May come back soon with a short analysis of the suggestions mentioned on the previous report post of mine.
andreasSystem AdminCommented:
Why force to buy ;) Its still possible to install and activate the win 10 download iso with a win7 or 8.1 key.
Yes but the general public probably doesn't know that...
PeteVfiAuthor Commented:
OK, as this thread seems now ready to be closed, here you have my final comments on the hints/solutions and the ratings.

This was my problematic case no 1, for nowadays, on the row of Windows 7 Update  problem cases, which seemed now proven to be an enormous swamp, on which I was sloshing around quite a time ...
The case no 2 with it's solution is described on a bottom post in here ->
And, the next case no 3 is waiting around the corner to be tackled in short, on which I then may open another thread.

So, finally, on this case, I did try several on above post mentioned hints for this, but didn't found any particular direct cure from them, just found some general help and understanding on the problem anyway, and did myself go on with the mentioned rounds until all updates got installed. For the dramatic drop down on the waiting time after the 8 updates', there were not got any exact clear explanation.

The seemingly best hints for some future trials, were suggested by

- magicandre1981/SuperUser KB3161664 win32k.sys, and KB3102810 WUC
- Woody/InfoWorld KB3153199 win32k.sys
- JW Stuart/PageStart KB3153199/KB3161664 win32k.sys, and KB3102810 WUC
- J Hurst/EE KB949104 WUA, and KB3102810 WUC

so, I'll now judge to divide the points here in EE to J Hurst and andreas, and, myself, ok, no points accepted.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update.
PeteVfiAuthor Commented:
See my final comment.
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