Flash stock DD-WRT on WSR-1166DD router

I bought a bunch of Buffalo WSR-1166DD routers because I saw they had DD-WRT on them. Upon closer inspection they have DD-WRT NXT which seems severely gimped. Has anyone had luck flashing stock/base DD-WRT on these or any other routers that come with DD-WRT NXT initially?
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Do you want to flash custom firmware or you thnk you soft-bricked the router and need to return to stock firmware?
travisryanAuthor Commented:
I'd like to put some custom firmware on there because the DD-WRT NXT is a pretty stripped down version of DD-WRT.

Upon doing research it looks like that chipset doesn't support DD-WRT which is a bummer.
openwrt gives some hope between reports of bricks

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travisryanAuthor Commented:
Open WRT looks to be the best bet
There are some reports of working non-DD 1166
At least their forums are very lively...
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