test find my iphone

Does find my iphone work?

Are there any real world tests.

What about finding iphone ontop of large building in a crowded restaurant.

Are there competing products
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On real world tests, "find my iPhone" will NOT work. The reason is as follows:-

Apple's service usually allowed me to find my phone within a city block radius—but it became less useful when my colleague-thief took out the SIM card and turned off Wi-Fi. In those cases, or if the phone is turned off, Apple can only tell you when and where the phone last checked in (within 24 hours) and email you next time the phone is online.

To Catch a Phone Thief, Take a 'Theftie'

For tackling against real thieves, you need third party apps and subscription like lookout.com as mentioned in the link above and my experience with loss and theft of smartphones, there are no 100% reliable ways to get back your lost phones as the real thieves will just switch off your phone immediately before you realized that you have lost your phone and your lost phone will be smuggled to mainland China and there are a huge domestic demand of iPhones and hence a pool of "experts" to deactivate/bypass your iCloud activation lock.

If you know how to read Chinese, you can search for deactivation iPhone in Chinese in https://world.taobao.com.

Also, have a look of the question below to see how the "experts" can replace your activation lock and ask you for money just to unlock it.

what is this qq.com email

For your information, qq.com is a famous entry portal website in mainland China.
Kyle SantosConnect With a Mentor Customer RelationsCommented:
Does find my iphone work?
Are there any real world tests.
What about finding iphone ontop of large building in a crowded restaurant.
Basically, the GPS would point it to the building, but I'm not aware of 'Find My iPhone' being able to do anything more granular in finding the device other than an aerial point of view.
Dirk MareConnect With a Mentor Systems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:
To add to Kyle comments iPhone has a very loud and anoing sound the you enable from the lost iPhone screen.

My recommendation would be to test it leave your phone in a apartment and from another device tell it to route to your phone seeing that they use gps to pin point location it should be able to give you elevation.

Dirk MareSystems Engineer (Acting IT Manager)Commented:
Enough information given to close the question.

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