exchange 2007, exchange 2013

we are in process of migrating from exchange 2007 to exchange 2013

we have resource forest setup . In this kind of setup, we have Exchange sits in another forest (domain.lan)and AD account in another forest. ( Between both forest, we have tool like MIM, which replicates the data from primary AD forest to Exchange forest. MIM creates ID in Exchange forest as disabled.
 Finally, linked mailboxes are setup in primary forest. This way user access their mailbox

1) we have AD(having all fsmo roles)  on our exchange CAS server (exchange 2007) .we have only 1 CAS server.

while migrating to exchange 2013, how can we take care of AD as we don't want DC again sitting on exchange 2013

2) can we convert linked mailboxes to user mailboxes , in this scenario , how can I restructure AD as we have disabled AD accounts on exchange 2007 and another AD in another forest.

3) we have other sites like NY, CHICAGO, FLORIA but these sites have their own DC and have their own domain names like florida.lan, Chicago.lan. we want to consolidate all these dc in location. we have corporate office which is having as DC name

can we club them under 1 forest
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Felicia KingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
pramod1, it sounds like your question is really about how to decommission the old Exchange 2007 server when it is no longer needed and the issue is complicated by the fact that Exchange 2007 server is also a domain controller. Is that correct?

You are going to have to manually scrub AD with ADSIEdit.msc. And you really had better know what you are doing with that. I have done about 50 hybrid migrations, and part of that is proper decom of the on-prem old Exchange server. A lot of people like to try to do hybrid migrations themselves and then they just shut down the old Exchange server. That does nothing to scrub the abandoned Exchange garbage from AD though.

It sounds like someone has set you up for some trouble by disabling a computer account associated with a server that really needed to be decommissioned properly. If that is the case, you will have to manually scrub AD. My recommendation is that you get help with that from someone who is actually qualified to assist you with that. There is no back-out plan. You have one chance to do it correctly.
I can be reached here:

Please whatever you do, do not make an Exchange server a domain controller. Just because it is possible does not make it a good idea.
IvanSystem EngineerCommented:

since you have Exchange 2013 in domain.lan, that means that you already have DC, which is I hope, not on Exchange it self. After you migrate users from account forest, they will not be sitting on DC in Exchange forest. If your Exchange 2013 is already a DC, then you can simple install new DC, and remove DC from Exchange 2013, if that is a case.

 Link for Exchange 2013 cross-forest is at: 
 One more:

Cross-forest migration steps go something like:
 1. Export ProxyAddresses attribute from Source forest users and import into Target forest.
 2. Mail enable users (MEU) in target forest.
 3. Import ProxyAddresses attributes into MEU
 4. Use Prepare-MoveRequest.ps1  script to prepare target MEU for merging with source mailbox's
 5. ....

If you decide to put all your offices into same domain, since they have their own domain, you would have to do cross-forest migration with them as well. Sounds like a lot of work, but I think it is better to have all under one domain, then all over the place, like this :)

pramod1Author Commented:
Hi Ivan,

I think you misunderstood my question.

present set up:

we have exchange 2007  which is also DC having disabled account and having enabled AD account in another forest

how can we get rid of DC with disabled account  when promoting to exchange 2013 like should we build a separate DC with disabled account , but how this is possible as we don't want exchange 2013 which is yet to be promoted having DC also.
pramod1Author Commented:
no body set me up I joined this company few months back and they have resource domain set up
they are planning to go to exchange 2013 I need to know following

1) right now we have exchange 2007 CAS server which is also DC having all fsmo roles set up having disabled AD accounts , anything we do set up user with their UPN gets updated in exchange 2007

when I eventually upgrade to exchange 2013 how can I get rid of this DC meaning having separate DC with all disabled accounts . I want same set up but this time DC not sitting on exchange 2013
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